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How many can I get on?

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After much thought and penny counting, I decided to throw caution to the wind, risk the wrath of swmbo and spend some of the kids inheritance.591c878c89dea_DSCF0007(2).thumb.JPG.7be02aee3ef506b361cfa061fadbb69e.JPG




   12ft x 6ft but in total 16ft 4" x 6ft 8". Had one heck of a job reversing into the yard due to the angle of drive to lane and having to reverse round the corner of the green as well.


  Best measure your drive Chris. :rolleyes:

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  Got a surprise this morning.  Five days ago I asked Titch for some graphics for the trailer. This morning they arrived. I wasn't expecting them till sometime next week.

  Very pleased with them and pleased with the excellent service. Top marks Titch. :thumbs:








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