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  1. Tracks across the Field 20th and 21st August 2022 at Froxfield nr. Petersfield. GU32 1BD Large horticultural working area and camping available, for entry form and more information go to:- https://www.whtic.co.uk/whats-on/tracks-across-the-field/
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-47651741
  3. It's only a flesh wound. That will polish out
  4. Just over two weeks to go before Tracks. Large horticultural working area, camping available from the Friday, beer tent and entertainment on Saturday night. All entries welcome.
  5. Tracks Across The Fields at Froxfield Hants GU32 1BD Horticultural entries welcome, for more information and entry form go to www.whtic.co.uk
  6. I see that the Showman is stocking up for the winter:-
  7. I am at the Dene Rally ( SO24 0HA ) with my MG2 this weekend. If it is not too far from you in Wiltshire I would be happy to show you how to start an MG2 (which probably means that I have put the mockers on it starting). The Dene Rally is a good event with tractors, steam, vintage cars and motorbikes and much more.
  8. To turn the engine over you need to engage the clutch by pulling out one of the spring loaded plungers on the back of the clutch. I recommend that you get a manual for the MG2, they have much info about the engine and transmission, copies are readily available on that well known auction site. I find that my MG2 will not fire if the throttle is open beyond a fraction when starting.
  9. Disco front hitches are available see http://www.watling-towbars.co.uk/front_towbars.html
  10. Great Trailer Norm, just need some ramps and it will be ideal for transporting Ransome crawlers
  11. Sounds like a Lloyd motor sickle see http://www.vhgmc.co.uk/photo-galleries/lloyd-autoscythe/
  12. Perhaps swmbo will make you a collector bag in return for you building her a studio
  13. This time next year you will all be millionaires
  14. Have you tried Admiral? In my experience they are more realistic than other insurers.
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