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Getting "Hitched"

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Having a bit of spare time, I decided to modify my clevis hitch. When I fitted the 'Linack' motor to operate it I used a solid link, this meant at times, the discs or cultivator would lift the back wheels off the ground.:( Changing the solid link to a chain solved this, but I was not happy with it.

If I wanted to use the tow bar, especially with a tow ball, I had to take the hitch off.

The modification allows me to have a solid link, selectable  floating or not, and the hitch can be raised high enough to allow the ball hitch to be used without removing anything.

I also got around to fitting the 480 x 10 tri rib front wheels and tyres they compensate for the 7 x 12 rears and level the tractor.:)



P1050083.JPG.56aadc855ee7f8cff373118d20af69c9.JPG  P1050079.JPG.eb5434a3f893147e5bf2ca35706e210a.JPG P1050078.JPG.7a87f6abab3c1ffca40303742ce4f2f4.JPG P1050080.JPG.c46704e7df031c68c4d6177110490cad.JPG P1050081.JPG.67aa10edaf3110cb10363742fa941e62.JPG P1050082.JPG.1bbaf020eba609abd7116e205ec04efc.JPG P1050084.JPG.89d5b30f52149b04243b4517fc4f0ab0.JPG P1050085.JPG.5e55f1ea7b5f50af775c2248e047dea0.JPG  P1050086.JPG.5f00fb3576e6c6aad6fddd685dd77811.JPGP1050087.JPG.79646ff9e3edc6ec96d83cc8285fb8b9.JPGP1050088.JPG.f73e839c1da288325b89bc27f79d2364.JPG P1050090.JPG.09daace5ed51ed85892762afaff837bd.JPGP1050093.JPG.ea5f2fe461fe8c6dad797075b1c1fc93.JPG P1050094.JPG.5bd6f1cd565b73af778595cc50c0e6a4.JPG P1050095.JPG.15b1e0bb119b3245a6a336767a204956.JPG P1050096.JPG.fbad0f4e8ce813007dd2a67ce9737d90.JPG Must clean up and paint the discs.


Sorry about the extra photos, I don't seem to be able to delete them.:wub:



















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