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While walking into town, my usual Saturday excitement,  I detour through a small trading estate to have a peek in the local metal fabricators scrap bin.  Most weeks either nearly empty or full of RSJ off cuts and 4" or larger thick wall box section plus large section angle.  All big and heavy.  


Last Saturday had a much better assortment of small stuff mixed in with bits of the above plus other mixed junk including lots of tangled metal banding from delivery's of steel.


Back today with the car.  Into the shop / office and asked if I could have a dig in the bin.  Lady person at desk didn't sound too keen. "We don't like that" but donned a high vis vest and came out into the yard.  I pointed out a few smaller section bits and asked if I could have those.   "Yes, but be careful, there are lots of sharp edges", as if I didn't know.  Started pulling bits out and she started helping.  I think she was worried in case I cut myself and sued.  She would have had a fit if she had been at John's place while Chris and I were clearing the scrap.


Anyway, got a selection for possible future use.  Would have dug deeper and got more if lady person hadn't been nearly having kitten's.  Asked how much I owed, "Nothing" was the reply I was hoping for. :)  Result, although I was prepared to cough up a few tea bags.     Various sizes from 2" x 1" down to 1/2" square plus round tube and bar, flat strip 1/4" thick and an 18" x 12" x 1/8" plate.IMG_6740.JPG.7ac7502cce8022e657cab28e60f1f041.JPGIMG_6742.JPG.868b05fcf95c00da9329135a47bf233b.JPGIMG_6744.JPG.fef4287049a4d5e4f99a14f4cc23f09a.JPG




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2 hours ago, the showman said:

No danger at Johns, i was in the mini digger. :lol:

And I was often between the bucket and skip unhooking the chain hoping you didn't get twitchy lever fingers. :fingerscrossed:

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