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New Build!!! Ditch Mower

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Had a nice day outside in the sun making a mower for cutting down  the ditch on the side of the road.

I had made a pulpit to stand on when cutting hedges, That  was made from a worn out tractor mounted , lawn brush.

I have mounted a very rusty mower deck to the side and lifted by a electric winch sat on the back. 

I will take more photos when i test it





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Well we have been testing today as my test pilot has returned . It works really well. The first problem we encountered was the engine would die as the plug shorted out on the long branches and leaves . Bit of tape sorted that. Chops up hedge cuttings and blows them deep  under . Cuts right under hedge without you getting scratched to bits and cuts down into the ditch so i can at least see the edge of the ditch and not drive into it . :)






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