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A Second Garden Started This Week

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Raising a garden isn't easy, but we managed to grow everything we need since spring. I'm working on building a greenhouse next. Lots of new plants started, 50 potato hills, 12 hill each of cantaloupe, cucumber, squash, zucchini, and watermelon. 4 rows of beans two large rows of okra. A dozen pepper and tomato plants ready to plant along with 6 to 8 of each already producing. My old Bolens and Montgomery Wards helped a bunch.








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Looks like a productive garden :thumbs:. Is your soil chalk based, or sandy?. Looks very pale in areas.

That Hookworm is a species of Privet Hawk Moth (in UK), known in N/America as a Sphinx Moth. Can be up 5 inches Wingspan.

The hook is harmless, but can be whip like  in movement reacting to attack.


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Thanks mates, I have a desire to grow all our food for the health benefits and self reliance. The soil is great black topsoil with lots of aged cow manure. The paleness comes from grass clippings that I spread out to hold moisture, hinder weed growth, and add nutrients into the soil

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