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home made 20 press

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Having a quiet afternoon so I thought I would share some photos of my home made 20 ton air over hydraulic press. apart from buying the jack all the steel is whats been salvaged from other jobs or recycled.

The first 5 photo are of the build then shot blasted and painted.


cheers Jordon






It has been a real bonus in the shop but decided rather than just press out stuff I would make a Brake press for folding so here are some picture of the Brake press attachment I have made now the press is real usefull.

I did purchase some tooling real cheap, saved a lot of grinding.

I have only tested it on 3mm thick 600mm long but it bends it with ease.










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Very nice job there :thumbs:. When I finally obtained a cheapo 12t Press, it opened a whole new world of practicalities.

I imagine with the Brake Press addition, you're sorted for every challenge. Also look's like you have everything else to hand in the workshop ! (insert green envy smiley here).


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Cheers Anglo it does complement my Box Pan folder I salvaged from the scrap yard I had to make some new fingers, I am always amazed at what get scrapped luckily our local scrap or recycling centre knows what my fathers like, he does like a rummage down there once a month lol.

Regarding everything else to hand I am trying to twist fathers arm for a Student lather and a milling machine Bridgeport type but its like getting blood out of a stone ha ha, joke he,s pretty good if the price is right (low).

 My latest project is a bead roller or swagger or Jenny so many different names for it I did originally make with a hand wheel but I am in the process of powering it with a 24 volt disability scooter motor but at present i am not quite getting the gearing right, father says perseverance my boy put it aay til the heads clear lol 

Will let you know when it right.


Cheers Jordon






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Thanks Stormin I have to make the tools buying them is out of the question. I need them as I picked an 1974 Jeep CJ6 in a real bad way and I need to make a lot of the floor sections, hence the folders I am hoping the Jeep will be my winter project this year fingers crossed i get time, it has finally made it onto the ramp ready.



Cheers Jordon 

Jeep at home.JPG

1983 strip down.jpg

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