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  1. Cheers factory and Wrispin I have be making some enquirers and it turns out I can sort it out with modern contactors once i know what to get, i can get the parts in, then get a an electrician to sort it out.. Not being put off by the situation today I have been doing a bit of cleaning (the weather scuppered planned work outside) the tools that came with the lathe Thanks to Stormin's tip about soaking them in diesel they cleaned up pretty good. Cheers Jordon
  2. Maybe its some guy that has no life and bull***ts a lot, either way it wrong, I do save the odd photo if I think "thats a good idea" i will stick on the back burner but to take so many sounds dodgy to me. Come straight out and ask them on the forum what they want them all for thats what father thinks Good luck Jordon
  3. Had a bit of a set back this morning, luckily i had not connected the lathe to the 3 phase, I think there is some thing missing in the control box , father thinks it could be a starter or something along those lines. If anyone out there has a photo of what should be there I would appreciative if you could post one for me to have a look. Meanwhile I shall make some enquirers as to how I proceed with this. Onwards and upwards farther always says Cheers Jordon
  4. Good idea Stormin I wont be able to get on them parts for a while so first thing in the morning I will put all the rusty bits submerged in a cut off 5 gallon drum of diesel. great idea. Cheers Cheers the list keeps getting longer, thank god winters coming nothing better than being tucked in the workshop with the heater on, lol Will keep you posted to the progress Jordon
  5. Hi all after a long day its finally home and yes it is a Colchester Master 6.5. I have found what i think is the model or serial number its Machine number F3/55745 its filthy and needs a good clean but I am very pleased with it. Nothing is seized and there is plenty of oil and grease on it, it also came with a small locker crammed with goodies, a set of collects and chuck for them, a 4 jaw chuck, large face plate there's a quick change tool post and quite a few cutter with the removable cutting bits. With it are a few other bits and pieces I am not yet familiar with so I will need to do some research. I dont do a lot of turning and have been making do with fathers old Grayson, that will now hopefully be sold to recoup some cash back of this one. I will first get it wired up before I give it a general clean up and change the oils. Everything turns ok when i turn the chuck so fingers crossed. I will need to see if its possible to get a manual for the wiring. All in all a good day out, but glad to be back in the countryside though. A few pics added to give you an idea. Cheers Jordon
  6. Cheers Alan and Stormin from what i have and the photos I have managed to find out it a Colchester Master on one of the pictures I can just make out the Master name on the top of the plate, Based on that it should be 6.5" with a 36 inch between centers, been busy today got out trailer together with our equipment we might need. I am getting exited now one more sleep and an early 4am start ha ha bit like Christmas. Will let you know how we get on when we get back tomorrow. Till then cheers Jordon
  7. I have tried to move this topic but I cant clear it Cheers Jordon
  8. Hi all I could do with some advice trying to find out the model, father has bought this lathe for me, I am hopefully collecting it on Thursday father bought it unseen. I am trying to get as much info as I can as moving it isnt going to be the usual carry. From the photo I can just make out its a Colchester thats all I know. Any ideas Cheers Jordon
  9. Hi all I could do with some advice trying to find out the model, father has bought this lathe for me, I am hopefully collecting it on Thursday father bought it unseen. I am trying to get as much info as I can as moving it isnt going to be the usual carry. From the photo I can just make out its a Colchester thats all I know. Any ideas Cheers Jordon oops sorry wrong place to put this sorry
  10. Thanks Stormin I have to make the tools buying them is out of the question. I need them as I picked an 1974 Jeep CJ6 in a real bad way and I need to make a lot of the floor sections, hence the folders I am hoping the Jeep will be my winter project this year fingers crossed i get time, it has finally made it onto the ramp ready. Cheers Jordon
  11. Cheers Anglo it does complement my Box Pan folder I salvaged from the scrap yard I had to make some new fingers, I am always amazed at what get scrapped luckily our local scrap or recycling centre knows what my fathers like, he does like a rummage down there once a month lol. Regarding everything else to hand I am trying to twist fathers arm for a Student lather and a milling machine Bridgeport type but its like getting blood out of a stone ha ha, joke he,s pretty good if the price is right (low). My latest project is a bead roller or swagger or Jenny so many different names for it I did originally make with a hand wheel but I am in the process of powering it with a 24 volt disability scooter motor but at present i am not quite getting the gearing right, father says perseverance my boy put it aay til the heads clear lol Will let you know when it right. Cheers Jordon
  12. Having a quiet afternoon so I thought I would share some photos of my home made 20 ton air over hydraulic press. apart from buying the jack all the steel is whats been salvaged from other jobs or recycled. The first 5 photo are of the build then shot blasted and painted. cheers Jordon It has been a real bonus in the shop but decided rather than just press out stuff I would make a Brake press for folding so here are some picture of the Brake press attachment I have made now the press is real usefull. I did purchase some tooling real cheap, saved a lot of grinding. I have only tested it on 3mm thick 600mm long but it bends it with ease. Cheers Jordon
  13. Thanks for that info, now its running I will probably put it in the shed till I can strip it down and give it a coat of paint I have a few projects on the back burner. There was loads of smoke for the first few moments I more or less let it tick over for about 30 mins let it warm up real slowly, I have had engines smoke like hell ( mainly old tactors) with stuck rings in the past where they have been sat for a long time and with some slow warm ups sometimes they pop open and clear themselves with out diving into the block, It dont work every time though . Thanks Jordon
  14. I managed to get an hour on it today the engine is now running beautifully, what a lovely sound its got a little whistle pitch dad said similar to his Ransomes MG6. Its not running on its original fuel tank yet I need to sort out a grommet thingy where the fuel tap enters the tanks. I did manage to drive it forward and reverse approximately a metre gears feel good. Next thing to sort out is the safety switches as is still hot wired direct to the coil. Things are looking ok for this little tractor.. Cheers Jordon
  15. We also made a few westwood decks they are quite simple I dont think this one would be to bad and it would give me a chance to try out our electric bead roller weve made. Just got back from the workshop and it is now firing although not with the key yet, ive hopefully added a little movie fingers crossed it comes out ok, note my sister injecting the fuel in she is a beautician and has lovely nails great sis thanks. I thinks the tractors gona run ok with a little time spent tinkering, now i have a little more enthusiasm now it almost running. I will check out them switches when i have time thanks Stormin. Cheers Jordon IMG_1337.MOV
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