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Anglo Traction

Handy tool use for an old Air Fliter

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Confronted with a problem while assessing parts for a current project. A 96 year old carburettor with a damaged, rusted up Mushroom Air Filter-




Side angle showing it's firm, seized up attachment to the Carb body-




I had given it a dose of my preferred homemade Penetrating Oil brew as I wanted to remove the Filter without damage so I can maybe reuse the threaded Back Plate with a new dome on it.

But what to use that would provide a good gripping turn force without damaging it......... Then the light bulb illuminated above my head (no emoji for it).

I stopped servicing my own vehicles a few years ago, but I remembered that I had a real good Oil Filter Extractor for use in confined spaces-




Gently held the carb in a vise-




.... and proceeded to carefully apply an 'undo'  force-



applied about 20 ft lbs and it freed up and undid-




No damage whatsoever. I was then able to finish dismantling the carb for inspection and will be able to make a new cover for the filter.

Glad to say that the carb is fully cleaned and serviceable, but not as shiny as it was when new, it was mostly nickel plated.





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20 hours ago, Stormin said:

I like that carb. Good way to set the petrol flow.


Yes it is Norm, I like the whole design. Very precise and versatile. Will even atomise paraffin to run an engine (if run on petrol first for 20 seconds).

No washers! , all joints are machined tapered fits. Although they were noted for drips, occasional flooding etc, I think if they are carefully cleaned and assembled, they won't do that.

Fortunately, I now have a full copy of (c1926) service instructions for these carbs to work with.


20 hours ago, nigel said:

Bloody hell how did you get the carb looking like that Richard


No secrets or magic Nigel. Most of the stuff I use is found under the kitchen sink. Old worn out green scouring pad (softer). Shiny Sink cream cleaner. White vinegar.

Piece of Aluminium for a scraper, old toothbrushes for the outside of carb body. Soft steel/brass wire brushes.

Inside- Thinners for cellulose (acetone), tooth and small inter-dental brushes. Old version 'T' cut. Then put some time and elbow grease into it and wash thoroughly in thinners-






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