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David Brown 990 Selectamatic

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On 11/7/2018 at 7:48 AM, Triumph66 said:

That looks fantastic Alain. Looks like a very Large Bolens too.


Very Interesting development in this tractor. It is not a 1965 David Brown 990 Selectamatic, but rather a 1964 David Brown 990 Implematic. The Model number is H990/UA, s/n 471597 (December 1964). The "U"  the model number means it was special for the American market, and why it has 990 Selectamatic tin on a 990 Implematic tractor. There was an import deal with Bolens to the American market. The reason for the color change was to make them look like Bolens tractors. The "A" meant it is an agricultural variant.  The Implematic  had the 6 speed Hi-Lo with 2 more speeds in reverse and the Selectamatic was a 12 speed 4 range (low slow, low, high slow, high), with the ability to up shift from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 2nd to 3rd and to downshift from 3rd to 2nd in any of the ranges without stopping. The David Brown 990 Implematics made for the European market were red with a rounded front hood. Still the engine and drive train are extremely proficient for agricultural work. And on the collector side a very unusual tractor here in America as CASE was selling a comparable tractor at their stores and had the benefit of a huge name recognition here compared to David Brown.

In another interesting piece of trivia the management of David Brown saw a classified advertisement in The Times in 1947 offering for sale a High Class Motor Business, which turned out to be the sale of Aston Martin. David Brown acquired Aston Martin for £20,500 and, in the following year, Lagonda for £52,500, followed by the coach-builder Tickford in 1955.

David Brown subsequently concentrated all the Aston Martin manufacturing at the Tickford premises in Newport Pagnell.

The David Brown years saw production of the legendary DB series of Aston Martins, which were featured in some James Bond films. David Brown also had connections with Vosper shipbuilding, and Delapina and Radyne machinery.

Both car companies were sold in 1972 to Company Developments Limited, when Aston Martin was in financial trouble, for a nominal £100

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That's very interesting. They are good tractors the David Browns; I can recall driving a DB tractor (cannot remember the model sadly) back in the early 80s on a farm in Catsfield, Sussex. I guess that is why I am attracted to the similar coloured Bolens then....

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