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Anglo Traction

On a Roll with these now !.

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For many years, I've wanted to be able to roll sheet metal (in small sizes).

From shaping the nickel silver cleading on my traction engine to making fuel tanks and small exhaust mufflers.

So after saving up the Workshop pocket money, I've finally got a set of Mini Bending Rolls-



Quite heavy duty rollers for a 300mm wide unit and steel geared. Plenty big enough for all the jobs I have for it, and at 14kgs, just unbolts from the bench to be stored

out of the way. ....I'll get around to making some Swaging Rolls one day  

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2 hours ago, Stormin said:

  They look handy, Richard. Where did you get them from?


Hi Norm, Yes, they should do for me.

Not best quality, or hardened/ground rolls, as they were painted and I had to clean it off them to ensure the rolls were smooth enough for the finer metals I will be using.

Took a flyer and ordered off ebay. Came from Poland. Bit anxious for the last week, as overdue and no update or shipping info since 20th June. All sorted :).

Just waiting for some tooling for the Mill to arrive and I'll be bending metal at the weekend.  


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Put this machine to the test yesterday for my first attempt.

Used 1.5mm thick copper for my 1 inch scale Water Cart tank. Marked and spotted first for 144 x 1/32"(.8mm) diameter rivets. 

Annealed and cleaned the sheets twice during bending.

It will do for me as both halves rolled to identical diameters :hdance:. Marked the adjuster knobs on the top Roll so I knew each is at the same setting-





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