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Just an idea.

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  The verges on our lane are encroaching on to the tarmac. Not that there's much of that. Mainly a patchwork with holes. Not fancying cutting it back with a spade, I had an idea of doing it with one of my GT's.

  I had this scrap saw blade lying around.P1030063.JPG.febbe6c78a4bc8a1da2876ea1dc7b2f0.JPG


Fixed a bolt into the end of some box section and welded another piece to it and drilled a hole. I know the welding is not much cop but it will do for test purposes.



With blade in place, things look like this.



Add a bit of weight.



After a little test then blade had it's teeth removed and an edge ground on.



It does cut, but more to do. Needs a scraper of some kind to cut under the sod. I have something in mind.


Would be better mounted on the front of the tractor or even mid mounted. Be seen and controlled  better when in use. Might be yet.




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  Plan B put into operation this morning.


  Decided to see if I could mount it on the mid mount grader. So a measure up and a bit of angle iron found.


  BINGO! And no alterations to the grader.








   I'll see if I can lay my hands on some plate at the farm. I'll maybe modify things and raise the disc up, to just below the grader blade. I'll see how it performs first. Used at an angle as shown, may push the sod outwards.

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  I had intended to have a test today. But to my surprise, contractors arrived yesterday to combine the field opposite. Now we've had the wettest August on record. The ground is saturated. In places on the green and verges, even the C-125 leaves tracks when mowing.

  They only managed to get half the field done. Just about managing not to get bogged down. After a couple of hours they gave up and left.

  A few photo's of the state of the lane and the entrance to the field.













 They haven't even had the decency to come back and clean up the lane. My neighbours and I are not happy bunnies.

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