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Howard Dragon awakening from a long sleep after having a fuel pump transplant engine back on and bolted down one side panel re-fitted work stopped due to losing fuel pipe which can only be fitted with side panel removed







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I also downloaded it but not much help however I have started to remove tensioner pulley brake band but screws on trunking will not move will have to get under machine to remove tensioner bracket and spring








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Took photo with my phone and ran into  trouble with file size...anyway i have 2  Howard dragons ..one of which  stripped for a gearbox repair  hence the photo with engine removed.  Its a while since i took it apart  but from memory the side panel is removed   , the clutch is bolted on with two bolts onto the side of the gearbox, and onto the front mechanism. Those clutch cables are of course hens teeth. Your one looks a lovely machine , my good one was used for landscaping  and while still working is battle scarred.  The one in the photo i posted a few years back on the VHGMC forum...i bought it minus the rotor box.. a non runner with a gearbox issue. Amazingly i met an ex Howard employee at a vintage show in 2019 and he had a dragon gearbox  and a gear change cable ...he worked for Howards Ireland operation (Closed in 1982)..the gearbox he had was replaced under warranty ,so was damaged .... but had the bits i needed.  

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