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  1. now its time to see if the engine will spark and bypass the fuel tap and fuel pump needs cleaned out pipe work full of old crap That will be the next job to overhaul the fuel pump and tap leaks. Sparkplug is sparking now to put a small amount of fuel down plug hole Yes it offered to fire. I just tied a spare old fuel tank that was kicking about the workshop connected up fuel lines and it now running. That's enough for today still more to do the next few weekends
  2. New points have been gapped new sparkplug gapped Started to rebuild front of the engine
  3. Here we are back at the workshop today starting to find out why we have no spark at the plug Started to remove front mask to get into the point Starting to remove flywheei Have now removed flywheel found more snail Here I have got to the bottom of the problem points dirty so whipped them out will clean them later. Replaced them with new points.
  4. The day was coming to an end fitted the mud wings That's all folks stay safe enjoy the rest of the Bank holiday weekend Hame time now.
  5. The next job was to fit dashboard surround and fit petrol tank bracket battery tray. Refit rear lift frame then refit petrol tank. Refit the all the odds and connector up clutch brake pedals
  6. Great weather on Saturday work continues on Gutbrod 1032 refitted top of the transmission tunnel with steering column and new brass brushes fitted into socket Next job to tackle was to refit the swivelling rear hitch
  7. Thanks for you comment stormin the cylinder and bore appears to be very slightly scored this tractor hasn't be running for 10yrs But it will come alive again over the next few weekends.. Some new parts arrived today replacement indicators
  8. Found more snail shell under the seat thats all I keep finding.
  9. Why can't people fix thinks properly. Been fixed now and new a tube been fitted
  10. Found the engine wasn't turning over all the way was locking up. Anyway decided to investagate the problem the exhaust valve was stuck shut Whipped the head off loads of carbon. The engine now has been decoked and valve's have been cleaned. Engine back in new chassis. Then have to completely rewire the hole tractor. Need some new parts now New parts have been arriving daily the latest to arrive are set front indicators.
  11. It's a big nettle now. Theres more than a nettle on this tractor the chassis full of snail shells an hundreds of them even under the seat clear outs required.
  12. Thanks for your comments will be uploading more photos Here is the close up
  13. Having an inspection of the latest 1032 to arrive at the workshop. Can anybody tell me what's growing in the seat
  14. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all from The Trossachs and a special good new year to Jarrovian and Ken hope he gets out of isolation soon
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