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  1. Tractor World Edinburgh March 2018

    my paperwork came yesterday, you are right Norman no mention of no tents on entry form but on the website it says it is on hard standing, it should have been clearer on entry form, vhgmc is now listed on website update see you there
  2. Tractortest Newby Hall 2018 - all welcome

    I will be there with an awning display of garden sprayers and my Dorman Wheelaway Mk11 if I get it tidied in time
  3. HVC Vintage Rally.

    Hi Norm when are entry forms available? what is closing date? Dave
  4. It's Snowed.

    just looks like a heavy frost Norm we have about 2 inches here Rolloman has had it bad
  5. more scrap

    Hi Triumph66 it is a Morris Commercial LC4 1953, it was the last truck Peggy & David drove on Heartbeat
  6. more scrap

    went to South Lincolnshire last week to collect a Mayfield and came back with a lot more numerous boxes of spares, brand new Planet Junior hoe blades, ducks feet and a sprayer
  7. Mini Power Pack.

    battery leads look a bit short but could be handy
  8. Tractor World Edinburgh March 2018

    Rollo-man 1 is organising a VHGMC club stand you are most welcome to exhibit with us
  9. Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas to Rolloman 1 and everybody new and old on the forum
  10. Tractor World Edinburgh March 2018

    who is this newbie roloman1 ? is he our long lost tartan skirt wearer ? on a serious note are booking as club stand or not as I need to put on entry form
  11. Replenishing the stock.

    you must be expecting snow Norman
  12. Tractor World Edinburgh March 2018

    I have printed entry form camping is from 10 am Friday until 10 am Monday at a cost of £15 however it promises to be a brilliant event
  13. Landmaster paint

    Hello Paul thank you it is the early one I have just acquired a Landmaster push hoe something different to add to collection of push hoes Dave
  14. Landmaster paint

    Hello everyone , does anybody know the colour code or a very near match for Landmaster Blue and also shade of Red
  15. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    Hi yes the Howard Hako is mine as is the Anzani Motor Hoe and Sexton seed drill
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