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  1. Jarrovian

    The Bigger Albion Foundation Limited Biggar Rally 2018

    who is the good looking guy in the awning display? great rally I was there from Friday until Monday looking after 3 sections
  2. Jarrovian


  3. my birthday is today 19/07/2018 I have tried unsuccessfully to enter it under todays birthday I am 71 years old
  4. Jarrovian

    Unknown engime

    i have tried 2 electronic modules they were crap in both K141 and K181 engines stick with points and if kept clean and adjusted no problems
  5. Jarrovian

    Unknown engime

    parts are available from a lot of dealers I use Meetens from Preston for a lot of spares or tap in Kohler K181 on e-bay but watch for Chinese electrical parts
  6. Jarrovian

    Unknown engime

    Kohler 8hp K181 was fitted to the Howard Dragon amongst others
  7. Jarrovian

    Happy Birthday Showman.

    happy birthday Showman you are catching me up
  8. Jarrovian

    A Day At Beamish Museum

    in mid September there is an Agricultural Show where we display a selection of horticultural exhibits. The work on their major project, 1950,s Town is well underway, to be fair you can not properly digest all you see in one day
  9. Jarrovian

    Happy Birthday TITCH

    happy birthday Titch nice meeting you in person, nice setup Dave
  10. Jarrovian

    Heathersgill rally Carlisle 2018

    Great day at Hethersgill rally folk were excited about the Henderson Bracken Cutter especially with the remains of the operator,s boots I came away with two rossetes and Rolloman got one
  11. Jarrovian

    Tractortest Newby Hall 2018 - all welcome

    my passes came today bearing in mind I booked an AWNING display they sent me caravan pass for GREEN CAMPSITE do they acutely look at what you book in
  12. 1st &2nd September 2018 Ferguson Heritage working weekend at Stocksfield Northumberland midway between Carlisle and Newcastle upon Tyne, Horticultural section either working or static all very welcome. PM jarrovian for entry form or catch me at rallies
  13. Jarrovian

    Kohler Recoil help please

    I will be at Newby Hall with an awning display in horticultural section and VHGMC banner see you there. Price not important if it helps a fellow member, whatever you think it is worth to you. Dave
  14. Jarrovian

    Kohler Recoil help please

    if you are going to either Heathersgill or Newby Hall I have a spare complete pull start may be surplus I will chuck it in truck
  15. Jarrovian

    Tractor World Scotland

    I have a few more pics of the things in the auction I will post later