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  1. Westwood Questions

    I think that the Westwood Gazelle was around from 1976 or before as I have recently bought most of the mower paper work from eBay including some of the purchase papers from Westwood which states that the mower was a 1976 Gazelle. Will be posting more pics in summer of all the updates if anyone is interested.
  2. westwood lawnbug!!

    Nice job πŸ‘
  3. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Yes exactly. Cannot beat good old British engineering. Welcome to the forum! πŸ‘
  4. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    That's great. Thank-you for the help.
  5. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Hi, those are my original headlights which I am looking for but I am having trouble finding that exact screw on type. Thanks.
  6. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Hi, this is a picture of one of the lights. Hope this helps. Thanks.
  7. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Hi, had a look at the headlights and noticed they have a plug type terminal compared to the old screw ons. What would I have to do to fit them? Thanks.
  8. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Good to see the old girl, I just done some winter maintenance on mine which I may post later if you are interested. Just wondered where you got the headlight from as on mine I need two. I have found some new pulleys but as I am getting for Christmas, I am not allowed to know what site or anything about them until after πŸ˜‚ Will tell you as soon as. Thanks.
  9. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    This is really interesting, thanks for posting. I wonder what the difference is between the W8E and 11E from the normally W8 and 11 models?
  10. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

  11. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Ok, thank-you. That would be a great help. I am also looking for two new pulleys, so when I find some I will give you the website link.
  12. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Thanks for the pictures of the chain steering, look very complex! It is interesting to know the history behind Westwood mowers. I am also in need of two headlights, but I have no idea where to find a pair. Will be looking in Ernest Doe. Will be getting some pulleys for next season, can't wait!
  13. 1978 Westwood

    Yes, would love to see a picture out of interest. Thanks β˜ΊπŸ‘
  14. 1978 Westwood

    Hi all, and of course Westwood fans that may be interested... I have bought a 1978 W8 Westwood gazelle 'pale face', starts on the key. 8 horsepower, column gear change. I have recently replaced points and condenser which seemed to of solved the problem, as before when the mower ran for a few minutes the engine used to cut out. I have also replaced air filter for the first time in 39 long years! πŸ˜‚ I have also given the engine numerous amounts of oil changes as when I bought the mower last year there was lots of residue like sludge left in the oil. After all the work, engine starts and runs lovely. ☺ About a month ago... I was cutting grass and tried using the clutch and the clutch wouldn't stop the machine!!! So had to shut off the machine before I nearly collided. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¨ Only to find the drive belt had slipped off the pulley. This has made me by a new drive belt with two new pulleys. The pulleys arrived but wasn't convinced they were the right size, so I sent them back. Kept the drive belt. Unfortunately I am having troubles with finding the right size pulleys for the mower. If anyone has a pair of unused original metal Westwood Gazelle pulleys for sale, or know where to find some. Please tell me. Thanks. Here's some pics of my Westwood last year.
  15. 1978 Westwood

    I have never heard of a chain and gear steering. But yes I hope to get some Owatrol, to try to preserve the paint and metal work. Haha. I couldn't resist but to polish the bonnet when I first got the mower three years back, but will use oil this time.
  16. 1978 Westwood

    Exactly, I noticed that the lights were wired up to the engine so that when the engine is running it not only charges the battery but also the lights run off the engine, not the battery! For a 70s machine that's pretty clever. Even I was surprised. Haha. I also came across an early Westwood, same model as yours on YouTube, but unfortunately has been adapted with bigger engine etc.
  17. 1978 Westwood

    Thanks! Not feeling too confident to restore. Haha. But will definitely get the mower mechanically sound with new parts if needed. I always thought that the lights were the deluxe model? Maybe, who knows. Won't be until the next season until I get this girl running as well as my other W8 which still needs pulleys. Through winter I probably will be getting other gazelle ready for next summer mechanically. I try to look after the mower as its almost an interest. Haha. But my mate offered to cut the grass to see how the old Gazelle preformed cutting long grass, which was fine as its ok on the highest adjustment especially when its not a routine. So when I was in house watching I noticed he forgot to adjust the deck height, and the deck was on the lowest adjustment, and the poor engine was smoking and slowing down so I ran outside to stop him!! Last time anyone cuts with that mower. Haha. Not to worry tho as engine runs smoothly and is looked after. Couldn't believe it!
  18. 1978 Westwood

    Hi guys, came across this Westwood last winter and thought I would post if you may be interested. The previous owner had this Westwood for many years and looked after it, that is until she was replaced by a newer and bigger mower, I had mixed feelings about whether I should go for it and I asked if I could have it. He wanted it gone or one day for scrap so he gave me the mower! I saw the mower parked up under a bush when gardening for clients and as I am interested I asked about the mower, the mower is a W8 1979. (Built one year after my 78W8) When brought it back home, noticed all the buttons and levers were and still are all seized!! The mower had stood outside for a good 20 years under the bush so no surprise. Previous owner used mower for rolling field and also using harrow. It's good to have a pull start mower as my other gazelle is only ignition start. There are some weird adaptions made to this mower i.e. the ignition switch, highly doubt this was factory, but I believe this model of Gazelle is the basic model as for some reason the headlights are bolted in with a metal sheet. Previous owner painted green, have no idea why. Next year I am planning to either try to get this old girl running alongside my W8 gazelle, or I may break up. Seems a shame to do so. Already used spare front tire for my diesel Westwood as seen in the first pic. Haha. Is this the beginning? Hopefully not. Still have to order pulleys and new lights for my 78W8 may be for Christmas, haha. Found pulleys but they are in America! So am trying to find a UK supplier. Will be posting video of my 78W8 running once I have pulleys and also the first start of this new 1979 W8! Also was able to print off Westwood Manuel so if anyone needs pictures from Manuel, I can post them. Thanks for reading.
  19. westwood lawnbug!!

    Love the paint job! Just like out of the factory. I kinda want one. πŸ˜ƒ What happened to the Briggs engine?
  20. 1978 Westwood

    Ok, thanks. πŸ˜ƒ
  21. 1978 Westwood

    Wow that's one early bug. Looks really cool. Just like stepping back in time!! Haha. Sorry if my comments are a little weird. (I still don't know how to comment without 'quoting' all of the post I am replying to. πŸ˜‚
  22. westwood lawnbug!!

    Hi, you probably have seen me on here before. Haha. I had a Westwood Bug and my one had a Briggs 3.5hp (I think) engine in it. It was painted the original white as well as wheels. I just wondered, did Westwood later switch to Tecumseh of vice versa in the later years of manufacture of the bug? Thanks. Would love to see some more pictures! Haha.
  23. 1978 Westwood

    Thank-you very much, excellent news about the pulleys. I have found the pulleys from new online using your part numbers. It's great, as now I can get the old girl back up and running! Haha. Thanks. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ Thanks. Haha. Its good to know some extra knowledge. Using some part numbers kindly provided by Head exam I will try and look online as some pulleys came up new same as my pulley. Thanks for the offer, if I can't find the pulleys, I may offer you something for the breaker pulleys if they are still available. Thanks for the help. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ Wow! Really? I haven't seen any adverts for Westwood early mowers. I have one for my Westwood W8 but only printed it off from Google. Haha. πŸ˜‚ Would love to see a picture of the advert! Sounds interesting. Thanks. πŸ˜ƒ Thanks. I will check it out! πŸ˜ƒ
  24. 1978 Westwood

    Hi here's some pictures of the pulley. I am not sure what you mean by the bore. Thanks for the reply. πŸ˜€ I hope these pictures are clear enough... Thanks.
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