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  1. A mowing we will go.

    Point understood but it was meant as a light-hearted comment. In retirement, I mow the village churchyard and a couple of weeks of "prettiness" is followed by four months of scruffiness!
  2. A mowing we will go.

    Horticultural vandal! They ain't dead, just building up energy for next spring!!
  3. Lost my bearings

  4. Economy tractors

    Never heard of them but Google has dozens of images relating to Power King EconomyTractors, so it looks as though there are a good few around.
  5. Wheel Horse SD Deck

    At the risk of stating the bloomin obvious getting the pulleys in the wrong orientation will effect the blade tip speed - a safely consideration. Lets just say that the larger pulley is the same diameter as the crank drive pulley , we then have a deck input speed of engine rpm , say 2800 to 3000rpm . Reverseing the deck pulley putting the smaller one on top and the input speed goes up plus the larger pulley is now driving the blade spindles at an even higher rpm - excessive blade tip speed ?? In addition the idler pulley bearings and blade spindle bearings may all be subjected to higher rpm than intended.
  6. Tecumsh MV100s as in Flymo

    Thanks for the suggestion but the MV100 is a different animal altogether. Two stroke not four.
  7. Tecumsh MV100s as in Flymo

    I'm looking for a standard size piston that's not been seized. Original part number 16095004
  8. Help with Ransomes parts

    Bartrams in Ipswich may be a good place to start. Long time Ransomes Dealer and just down the road from Ransomes themselves.
  9. Skilshop Chainsaw Clutch

    With most saws the eaiest way of locking the engine (bar having the correct dummy spark plug with a nylon buffer) is to remove the plug and poke two or the inches of heavy duty starter cord down into the cylinder and then rotate the engine in the appropriate direction to compress the cord and lock the crank. No danger of slipping and consequent damage, or have I missed something unique to this situation?
  10. Carb needed for Versatiller

    The Dellorto carb shouldn't be too much of an issue. The attached may help with linkages etc. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e0fwa1pd83mcn31/Aspera horizontal crank governors0001.pdf?dl=0
  11. Kohler Recoil help please

    That recoil is similar to the ones used on some iron block Tecumsehs and I believe was bought in from Fairbanks Morse. A few years ago I needed a recoil spring for a 10 hip Tecumseh and bought it from the States; only to find that it was off the shelf in the UK as a Kohler part.
  12. De' Ja' Vu

    Toro now owns Hayter so are "rationalising" the parts bin.
  13. Bridges Mini-Mota 3 speed drill

    Interesting that you dealt with Rupert Ledger. They went into voluntary liquidation in 1976 . They were better known as manufacturers of ignition testing equipment and I have one of their portable test units. I also have a very useful gadget, the Dy-tone, that they made for ascertaining the condition and the opening / closing point of contact breaker points in flywheel magnetos without the need to dismantle - one wire to the HT lead and one to earth giving an audible signal that changes when the points open or close. A sharp change of note equals clean points and a slurred one, dirty points. Invaluable for setting the timing on early Villiers etc as being audible , hands and eyes are free to align timing marks etc. The company morphed into Ledger Selby and Co. Ltd and also traded as Uni-Pak Maintenance Systems. No mention of drills in any of the literature that I have.
  14. Avometer 8 Mark 5

    Nice bit of kit. I think that Avos were the gold standard of their day and there are still some applications where I prefer analogue to digital, but then I'm........... !
  15. edgar

    The original coil armature on your engine would be a 298316 , to which you can fit a 394970 Magnetron module to eliminate the points and condenser but it may be less hassle to find a newer 397358 coil, that already incorporates a Magnetron trigger module, from a scrap engine. When shopping for a new / used coil take yours and make sure that the spacing of the fixing holes exactly matches as there are some minor but important differences in the spacing on otherwise similar-looking coils. Any coil from a 13 series engine should fit.
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