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  1. Don’t be put off by the title but there is a lot of electrical and machine shop knowledge on this forum which could be useful. https://www.mig-welding.co.uk/
  2. Wristpin

    Kohler Spares

    Meetens are a good source of parts for Kohler engines and many others. I’ve been a customer since 1980 when they were in Wimbledon. If you want an alternative try Uni-Power - very good for Honda and Briggs parts.
  3. Wristpin

    Here is my winter project

    Although the Italian made Aspera was made under licence from Tecumseh there were differences so due intelligence is required when cross referencing!
  4. Wristpin

    Here is my winter project

    It's an Atco with an Aspera engine. The machine was available in both 18 and 21" widths of cut . Yours looks to be 18" . I have illustrated parts lists and owners' manuals. Check for fuel leaks around where the tank brackets are spot welded to the tank. They tended to develop vibration related stress cracks around the spot welds. Easy cure was to seam braze right round the bracket.
  5. Wristpin

    Kubota B6100

    As above, it may surprise you as to what is still available. or look for specialist Kubota breakers such as https://www.urparts.com/kubota-parts.cfm
  6. Wristpin

    Happy Birthday Wristpin

    Thank you for all your good wishes. Back to normal today!
  7. Wristpin

    Wheelhorse 518H engine to deck belt

    Thanks for your comprehensive reply , I have forwarded it directly to my friend. In the meanwhile he has been back through some old emails and come up with 114567. Now according to any info I can find that is a 48" long belt - hardly long enough to be a primary deck drive. I'm guessing that it may be a hydro drive belt . His forte is computers - both systems and hardware - but he's not afraid to get stuck in with things mechanical - sometimes more successfully than others. Thanks again for your research. Angus
  8. Wristpin

    Tin bashing!!

    Thanks, I'll take you up on that. Not the guilty party! Done all the mechanics including honing the bore and re-ringing, re-grinding the cylinder and bottom blade and repairs to the cowling and recoil.
  9. Wristpin

    Tin bashing!!

    I need to "unbash" this grass box a bit - not to showroom standard with lots of filler etc but just a bit more respectable. Although I grew up with a spanner in hand, I've always avoided tin bashing so before I set about it with a block of wood and a lump hammer - any tips?
  10. Wristpin

    Layter Hayterette blade ?

    That is just one smart bike! Dare I post this ?
  11. Email from a friend in need of a part number for the engine to side discharge deck belt.. Apparently the site that he has used in the past no longer shows what he needs. A Wheelhorse/Toro part number or even a pattern belt number will be greatly appreciated. Copied from his email. The Wheelyhorsey is a 518H E1-18OE02 actual model number 20164 serial number Cutter deck model 78346 Serial number 4900156 I think that it’s a 42” side discharge. If it makes any difference, I know that it has an Onan engine.
  12. Wristpin

    Briggs Fuel issue

    The fact that the "hand over" treatment worked suggests an air leak somewhere. The gauze ore cleaner shouldn't cause a problem as it was a standard fitment on Industrial Commercial spec engines.
  13. Wristpin

    Layter Hayterette blade ?

    A friction disc and bar blade was offered as an option for Hayterettes. If you want to benefit and use the time and resources of other forum members to solve your problems you really need to sort out your image posting issues. I know a lot of people use this free application to do it . http://www.onthegosoft.com/shrink_pic.htm ....... and subscribe!
  14. Wristpin

    Layter Hayterette blade ?

    I do hate these guessing games, for *** sake post an image! There were two machines known as graveyard mowers , the Hawk 12” and the Hawk Major 19”. Both had a friction disc with a bar blade.
  15. Wristpin

    Condor Drive ?

    The issue is dating your machine. if the Honda is original equipment the machine is "relatively" recent . Most of the Condors that I had anything to do with had Kohlers. If you Google Hayter Condor Hydrostat there is plenty of information. The problem is matching it to your machine. A few images of the hydrostat may help.