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  1. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    They worked well and were simple to maintain. The build quality was a bit questionable in places with the parts book containing several " use as required" references when it came to shims and spacers but yours is probably built to a better standard than when it left the factory - especially the paint work! Deck rot could be a problem.
  2. Heat induction tool

    Another factor to consider is insurance. Insurance companies are getting increasingly restrictive regarding " hot works", particularly where Oxy Acetelyne is concerned and are not too happy with it in domestic situations. Induction heaters get around most of those issues.
  3. Hayter Osprey

    All the good guys are falling by the wayside! Presume that you've removed the cutter belt to make life easier while sorting the engine? Have you tried both flywheel keyway positions or did it turn out to be obvious which one is correct? I'll add a Dropbox link to the L197 manual later , but it's not that informative.
  4. For the record, the original Hayter 21 metal wheels with the three piece bearing, cone, ball race (note ball, not roller) and cup were 7" and those fitted to the Hayterette were 8". The later plastic wheels used on Hayterettes had the one piece press in "capsule" bearings but I believe the 21 and Osprey were phased out before the adoption of plastic wheels.. For anyone without access to a donor machine, Central Spares sell a reasonable quality 8" steel wheel with capsule bearings to fit a 1/2shaft, their part number 11215. However you will need to find someone with a CS account.
  5. Instant tractor lighting

    How long before they are linked to the steering?
  6. Sprint B & S smoking too much.

    Perhaps your comment about possible Mountfield connections is worth further exploration - will a Mountfield bag fit, or is the chassis too far gone to make it worthwhile?
  7. Sprint B & S smoking too much.

    No issue with learning but not sure how I've got through forty years in the mower business and never come across one. Post an image please. EDIT Well, well https://encrypted.google.com/search?q=Sterkins+mower&tbm=isch&imgil=eO0pmj13r-TC5M%3A%3B_TmvEYGy7rg8IM%3Bhttps%253A%252F%252Fes.wallapop.com%252Fitem%252Fcortacesped-sterkins-honda-41663272&source=iu&pf=m&fir=eO0pmj13r-TC5M%3A%2C_TmvEYGy7rg8IM%2C_&usg=__dhPueyTOUe2AkyzWJRsaiLGYAd0%3D&biw=1152&bih=581&dpr=1.25&ved=0ahUKEwj75P-MpebUAhXFLcAKHQVODWwQyjcISg&ei=oqRWWfuLHMXbgAaFnLXgBg#imgrc=eO0pmj13r-TC5M: ........ and there seems to be a Sterwin as well!!
  8. Sprint B & S smoking too much.

    "Sterkins 19" rotary" - wtf ?
  9. Hayter 21 carb strip ?

    This may help with filter identification https://www.dropbox.com/s/tbnlvw6qyw6qy94/Briggs sponge air filter elements0001.pdf?dl=0
  10. Sprint B & S smoking too much.

    You've got to get the muffler hot enough to burn it out; possibly quarter of an hour of full throttle running.
  11. Hayter 21 carb strip ?

    Take care with " brick cleaner" as it will attack any soldered joints used in assembling some fuel tanks.
  12. Hayter Osprey

    Pleased to have been of service! Your final problem and it's solution is interesting as, although I've not experienced it on s BS engine , I've seen it a few times on Tecumsehs; usually after they have been pressure washed during service. It would seem that electronic units can push enough down the kill wire to leak to ground if the conditions are right . In fact I've even experienced a " tingle " from a Tecumseh kill wire. I hope that the rest of the job goes according to plan, but if not, there's plenty of Osprey related info available.
  13. Sprint B & S smoking too much.

    Just re-read the original post - " oil is Classic 30" To the best of my knowledge, that is a non detergent oil for older slow revving classic cars . Briggs and Stratton have always recommended the use of a detergent oil for its superior qualities particularly relating to cleaning and cooling.
  14. Sprint B & S smoking too much.

    Over fuelling in a petrol engine will give Black smoke. White smoke equals oil burning. How was the engine positioned during storage - could the muffler or air filter be full of oil?
  15. Hayter Osprey

    Good, Sounds like progress of a sort! Cant remember the exact figure but Magnetron units need around 350 rpm to produce a spark - considerably more than the old points and condenser set up , so you may not have lost the spark, just not pulling hard enough. If you have not already done so, remove the cutter belt until you have every thing working. On an Osprey there is a fair amount of inertia to overcome in the belt and cutter disc . if the engine will only run on full or part choke you have a carburettor problem - not ignition ; time for a strip and clean. Loosing your post - remember that we are into page three of a long thread!!!