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    Spark Plug

    In most of my gas engine I use Autolite plugs, but in the chainsaw NGK or Bosch seem to work better. Champion plugs don't seem to be the same quality as they were years ago
  2. Hi Norm, I've got the deflector and pipe but no hose. Just as well as trying to mow the side lot with at least foot tall grasses would plug that collector up in less than one pass. I'm going to use this as a winter project; drop the mower deck, replace the blades, belts and any bearings that need replaced. Then come Spring I'll maybe try to sell if and hopefully find a brush hog type mower that I can set up on the Cat D2. The half acre side lot is anything but smooth with up to some 30% grades with lots of small lodgepole pines that the brush hog will be able to mow down. The Cat can handle that where this little mower would either spin out or try to turn over
  3. Here are a couple of pics of my new acquisition, a 1993-1995 MTD according to https://www.tractordata.com/lawn-tractors/tractor-brands/mtd/mtd-lawn-tractors.html The first two pics are when it got dragged home, the last is after cleaning and getting it running again. It had sat for 18-19 yrs in covered storage. All it took was drain the old gas, a set of battery cables and new battery. What surprised me was with the old gas that was in it, the carburetor needed NO work, fresh gas, bit of cranking and away it went like it had been started the day before.
  4. For a condenser you might try checking your local electronics shop, some of those are pretty small
  5. Good job Steve, just a tad blurry
  6. As promised, here are a few pics of old Cat machines I have or have had. The first one is of the first (1949) D47U I had and sold, next pic is of the one have now (1952 D4 7U) and the 1961 12E grader i had and sold
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