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  1. A FEW More Newby Hall.

    I wonder what the winch is used for on the Ferrari?
  2. Ride-on Tractor lift

    Did you get the bench grinder as well? It looks as if it was a seat lifting mechanism from something like a combine harvester should be a useful bit of kit.
  3. Help with Ransomes parts

  4. Help with Ransomes parts

    Try contacting Ransomes Textron they are in Ipswich and may be able to tell you which of their dealers still carries parts for these machines. I have ordered parts through Rickerby ltd. in Carlisle. Failing that order from USA shipping small parts is not that expensive.
  5. A Good Day Out.

    good pictures norm.
  6. Tillotson MD-17A Alternative

    Neil Jarrett ( Ransomes 256 ) has been working on 3d printed plastic floats it may be worth contacting him.
  7. Kohler Recoil help please

    Once you have soaked the spring in plus gas or similar see if you can sneak a couple of fine tie wraps or twist wire around the spring in situ this will enable you to prise it out without it going boing all over your workshop.
  8. Happy Birthday Expeatfarmer

    Thank you one and all. Kept it quiet because I only had a small cake! Excellent show, shame about the caterer but that was out of Mark's hands they are supplied by the venue and thought they knew best. I don't know where it will end because every show I go to the standard of finish on the restored tractors becomes more extreme although I did notice that there are now "rat tractors" on display lacquered over the patina. Well worth a trip in future years and holiday inn is right on the site.
  9. Just received the details of this new show to be held at RHS Ingliston near Edinburgh airport on weekend of 25th March. Anybody have any plans to exhibit I thought I might take some crawlers.
  10. Tractor World Edinburgh March 2018

    Camper loaded up with food and gas tractors ready to go, setting off mid day friday.
  11. Ransomes Turf Trak 425

    Hi Amdi I have a couple of 425 and a 420 , if you post some photos of what you mean I may be able to help.
  12. Ransomes Turf Trak 425

    My new Tractor arrived today,a Ransomes (Steiner ) Turf Trak 425 21,5 Hp 3 cylinder Kubota Diesel, 4 x 4 hydrostatic transmission with two speed axles. Very similar to my existing 420 but a bit bigger. Seems to be excellent condition with just enough bits to sort to make it interesting. Number two cylinder running badly ( loose injector pipe joint ) number three cylinder glow plug has a dead short, quite a few stray wires that seem to do nothing but generally very pleased with it. There are a couple of trim panels missing from the front end.
  13. The Beast is alive and well

    A half track WH would be cool .
  14. Danarm Tornado

    Dishwashers are a very useful workshop tool, that and the ovens of Aga's. I also use a food mixer for stirring paint!
  15. HVC Vintage Rally.

    Handed out three entry forms today Norman 1 to my neighbour MG5 and two to his friend MG2 and Land Rover
  16. Ransomes mg2 cylinder bore.

    I will dig one out and send it off to you this week Joe, I have your address.
  17. Malvern Tractor World 2018

    Good photos thank you. Did you see what the Ransomes/Whitlock dumper sold for ?
  18. Ransomes mg2 cylinder bore.

    Just pay for the postage joe pleased to be able to keep another one going.
  19. Ransomes mg2 cylinder bore.

    Hi Joe That is terminal I am afraid. The MG2 has ( or should have ) a floating gudgeon pin fitted with a white metal cap in either end which will rub against the bore if the pin sticks or the pads wear out what you have is the result. I have had one the same that was caused by somebody dot punching the piston to fix the gudgeon pin. I have a spare barrel that might get you out of a hole.
  20. Tractor World Edinburgh March 2018

    Which class have you entered Norman, I can,t see the classes on line anymore?
  21. Cadmium Spray Paint

    Many thanks for the frost link, they have a three can golden cad system , currently out of stock.
  22. Cadmium Spray Paint

    Does anyone know who makes the aerosol paint that you can use for restoring the matt gold finish on car parts such as brake servos etc. ?
  23. MG6 Loader

    I suppose it will steer better if the back wheels are off the ground!
  24. MG6 Loader

    I see that home made loader is back on the auction site, fitted to an Mg6 converted from track drive to two wheel driver. Given that we all support innovation during the history of any machine that extends the use it should be attractive to someone, but I have some serious reservations as to safety, if this machine were to be used it would be front unstable and certainly not a machine i would want my grandsons to drive.
  25. Martin Markham

    Nice find ! Must have been a very sheltering tree.
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