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  1. Rotaped Tracks

    Sorting through some peat harvesting photos I came across this article about Rotaped tracks from 1941 I thought the Monro conversion would be of interest. Make a good project to build a set for a Wheelhorse. I have scanned it and will post first page to see if it works.
  2. Rotaped Tracks

    Page 3 for you Norman
  3. Rotaped Tracks

    Here is the rest of the article which was a reprint from Commercial Motor 1941
  4. Ransomes turf Trac / steiner 4x4 utility tractor

    Hi James I have just been looking at this older post and see that your machine is a 425 the same as i have recently bought, Do you by any chance have an owners manual for yours? Did you get the snow plough fitted?
  5. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    Impressive nutricious and no doubt very tasty!
  6. Ride On Shredder

    Wow cool ! I am going to put some bars on a Ransomes and stand on the seat !!!!
  7. Reversing a Lucas SR1 magneto

    I have done it several times with wipac magnetos, you need to move the striker pin for the impulse and change the location of the centrifugal latch take some photos of the mechanism before hand so you can be sure of where the bits go, You should find that alternate mount points are built in to the mag already.
  8. Getting the Food Plots Ready

    Big fences do you have problems with deer?
  9. Category 0 three point lift

    Could do with that to fit my Steiner 425, also compatible with Ransomes MG6 and 40 Crawlers.
  10. Joy Rider Strikes

    When was that filmed?
  11. Ransomes Turf Trak 425

    Had a couple of days sorting out bits and bobs, tractor was running badly on number two cylinder, turned out the joint connecting the injector pipe to the pump was loose, dead short on number three glow plug so bought a new one. Being an American machine there are more interlocks and safety switches than you can shake a stick at ,over the years most have been disabled and bypassed bit all the old wires were still there so thanks to the wiring diagram Mark sent me I have stripped out all the superfluous wiring. Connected up the head and rear lights. These tractors have two speed hydraulic axles, whilst taking a road run today I found that the rear axle was only running in low, examination of the linkage showed up that it had been repaired incorrectly preventing the shift rod from moving from high to low, I fitted some spacer washers under the linkage mount and all was well. The wheels are mounted to the axles on taper locks and a keyway, by slackening the taper lock the wheels can be slid in or out about 8 inches giving a huge range of wheelbase settings. Clever stuff and very well thought out.
  12. Ransomes Turf Trak 425

    My new Tractor arrived today,a Ransomes (Steiner ) Turf Trak 425 21,5 Hp 3 cylinder Kubota Diesel, 4 x 4 hydrostatic transmission with two speed axles. Very similar to my existing 420 but a bit bigger. Seems to be excellent condition with just enough bits to sort to make it interesting. Number two cylinder running badly ( loose injector pipe joint ) number three cylinder glow plug has a dead short, quite a few stray wires that seem to do nothing but generally very pleased with it. There are a couple of trim panels missing from the front end.
  13. Ransomes Turf Trak 425

    Yes it bends in the middle, front and rear axles are both fixed with a pivot below the steering wheel and two rams. Many thanks Mark. Trying to find an operators manual, contacted Steiner but they dont list one any more. I have looked on download sites but vary wary when they offer free downloads but want your address and credit card details.
  14. Ransomes Turf Trak 425

    Happy to pay any cost to get a copy if you do.
  15. Ransomes Turf Trak 425

    Road Runs and towing my big trailer may swap loader over.
  16. Ransomes Turf Trak 425

    Trying to find an operators manual for it but no luck so far.
  17. Ransomes Barge Tractor

    Made a few modifications to the barge tractor today, added some number plates and a stop/decompressor cable so that I can start it from the seat and stop the engine without having to jump off.
  18. Ransomes Barge Tractor

    How is your leg? Is Carol ok?
  19. Ransomes Barge Tractor

    Just for show, I can't use the number Ransomes used as I dont know if it is in use. Have a new toy arriving on Monday so thought I better finish a job or two before it arrives.
  20. Drayton Diesel Ransomes MG6 /40

    Does anyone have a Single cylinder Drayton diesel to fit a ransomes mG6 or 40 I am thinking of changing the engine on my digger dozer to a diesel.
  21. A rude awakening.

    Sorry to see that Norman, heart rot in the tree aided and abetted by ivy starvation.Looks as if the whole tree should be taken down.
  22. Digging holes, How lazy

    Just read up about these machines apparently the digging end of the vacuum can inject very high pressure air or water to loosen the soil as it is sucked up.
  23. Digging holes, How lazy

    Does the Bobcat just cut the tar or does it loosen the soil in the hole before the vacuum sucks out the soil? Presumably less chance of cutting gas mains and cables etc. Will they let you get closer to take a picture in the hole?
  24. Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    You may find that a magneto and sprocket from a Ransomes MG2 will bolt straight on also has a suitable sprocket fitting.
  25. I Think This Qualifies As A Ride On

    I have driven/sailed one from Carlisle to Annan across the Solway Firth amazing machines
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