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  1. Another in the stable.

    Interesting con rod failure I wonder if the stud snapped
  2. Wormdigger has an Austin A35 engine a modification made years ago by a previous owner. Worked in Lincolnshire. Tidy machine an must be very powerful.I think it pulled a two furrow plough.
  3. Good to see the Worm Digger MG6 is still around I have not seen it for a long time.
  4. Townings harvest Fair

    Did you go on the road run with your Wheelhorse ?
  5. Massey Ferguson Freebie

    The three point hitch looks very useful, certainly not your average lawn tractor.
  6. Hesket New Market Agricultural Show.

    I enjoyed the show and company Norman thanks for coming. Managed to load the barge by pulling broken throttle cable in my hand. Just found the wheels this morning thank you do I owe you?
  7. Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    Hi Joe you are in luck I have found three track roller spindles in good order but only two iffy outer rollers, you should be able to find some steel pipe that will suit. let me have an address and I will send them to you.
  8. Hesket Newmarket Agricultural Show

    Well done Norman that will add a bit more interest. Been away in Galloway just got back.
  9. I have booked in my two ITW tractors for this local show on 2nd September, my neighbour and his friend are taking an MG5 and an MG2, both of which it turns out i have owned in the past. Nice friendly show which is fun to enter as my machines attract a lot of interest which winds up the showroom fergie owners.
  10. Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    I may have somewhere I will have a look.
  11. Not sure if this counts as an old machine...

    Sometimes sun faded plastic can be restored by using a hot air gun or old hair drier . just warm it up section by section taking care not to melt it.
  12. Slot hitch

    I am going to show my ignorance and ask the question . What do these slot hitches actually do?
  13. Rollo Croftmaster

    If you have a look on the Vintage Horticultural Machinery Club website VHGMC there is a really good article about Rollo machines.
  14. Rollo Croftmaster

    Built on a farm in Scotland in the 1950's they were intended to make life easier for small crofters. They ended up being exported all over the world. Cost £190 in 1954
  15. Ransomes mg2 problems

    To set the ignition timing, set the piston at top dead centre firing stroke, using paint or Tippex make a mark on the flywheel and crankase to mark TDC, remove the front timing chain case, slacken the nut on the lower timing sprocket and release the sprocket off the taper to turn freely but do not remove . with a socket or spanner on the nut of the top sprocket on the magneto rotate the sprocket ,chain and magneto until you hear the magneto click( magneto spring should wind up and then release with a strong click) turn the magneto backwards approx 1/4 turn and then tighten lower sprocket back on taper. With the plug removed, rotate the engine with the handle and check that the magneto fires ( clicks ) at the point when the timing marks align. Repeat the process until click and marks are perfectly aligned. The engine should now be timed to fire on starting at top dead centre. As soon as the engine starts the timing will self advance to approx 20 degrees. Hope that helps.
  16. Ransomes mg2 floor plan.

    Neil's plans are excellent . Recently tried fitting a front floor panel on an MG2 fitted with pto which proved impossible without removing pto first or cutting the floor in to two pieces . Has anyone else found this ?
  17. Any ideas.

    I think it is a mixer for making up lime wash /whitewash, mixing powdered lime with water.
  18. Westwood Grille Fabrication (Fibreglass)

    From memories of canoe building there is a mould release agent which you can spray or paint into the mould before you apply the gel coat , the gel coat is very smooth and should not stick, allow to dry before stippling in the fibre and resin.
  19. EP90

    what are the dates for Newby Norman please ?
  20. Heathergill Vintage Rally.

    Good show Norman, we all enjoyed it and no rain !!!!
  21. Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    Hi Joe I assume you mean the actual rollers in the rim of the wheel, the only way to do this is to tap each one severely with a hammer. They are not meant to be lubricated and fill up with soil and rust they are hardened so you will not damage them.

    Try Neil Jarret on 01656 665304. Alternatively you may be able to glue it back together with super glue or similar
  23. HVC vintage rally. 30th April.

    Three crawlers on view Norm let us hope it is a dry warm day.! Maybe Duncan can bring MG40N ?
  24. Display stands.

    I have booked in 137 Norm and will bring two others for display only.
  25. Ransomes mg2 colour scheme.

    Hi Joe the load rollers were red and as you say drive wheels and idler but that is it anything else red is up to you, some paint the end of the implement lift lever .
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