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  1. I am looking to buy an O&R carburetor diaphragm and I was told you have some. It is for this drill. 

    O&R 12.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WOWaLotOfBees


      Thanks, will do. 

    3. Webhead


      Will let you know when it gets here. Please include a return address. Thanks

    4. WOWaLotOfBees


      Sure, I will get it in the mail in the next couple of days. 

  2. Reed valve for O&R 20A in an Eel Wheel

    I have just about everything other than the reed valve, including seals, complete NOS carb with gaskets and points and condensers. For such a rare and cool item, your best bet may be to advertise for a complete running 20A, or wait until one shows up on eBay.
  3. Tiny Tiger gas tank repair

    Terry, that thing is looking really good, and thanks for the tutorial. The real question is: Is it running??? PS love the filter housing. You could make some money selling those things, everybody needs one!
  4. Orline Mustang trouble

    I have a few of the flywheel side seals left.
  5. Tiny Tiger gas tank repair

    I have done the same thing as David, using inline filters. The guys on the chainsaw site used to use a product called Yamabond for their tanks.
  6. Orline Mustang trouble

    Unfortunately, that's what it sounds like to me...
  7. Orline Mustang trouble

    You are absolutely right, these things are about as finicky as it gets and it seems that every one has it's own personality. I have had used and abused units run like a top and NOS units run like dogs. Go figure...
  8. Turbair tot 2s

    No, but I do tie my sweater around my neck when I am cutting firewood, along with smoking a pipe. (Sorry David, I have not heard from John in a while). Cool literature, though.
  9. Turbair tot 2s

    I wear a very similar outfit when I am doing yard work. Where do you find this stuff, David?
  10. Orline Mustang trouble

    He's alive!!!!
  11. Orline Mustang trouble

    Crank seals??? Please show a clear close up of the "vent".
  12. Turbair tot 2s

    Lack of spark is 95% dirty points.
  13. Orline Challenger Mark-IID Chainsaw

    FYI, I have ignition, carb and other parts for this engine.
  14. "O&R Life Saver Gen-set"

    I did notice that. You should make some and sell them on here or eBay. Number one requested part, other than diaphragms.
  15. "O&R Life Saver Gen-set"

    The old seals on these engines are definitely subject to causing lean running conditions. I've found that about 50% of them need new seals, and it does not matter if they are NOS or well used.
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