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  1. Hi , In search of vintage orline chicken

    Here's the story with this one: I bought it about 10 years ago. I'm pretty sure that the engine is unused, but I believe that I put a new diaphragm and crank seals in it when I bought it, because I did that with all of my O&R's. I know for sure that the fuel tank and exhaust have never been used. The throttle cable is a nice aftermarket version. It comes with an original manual and a tattered box, not shown. There are no guarantees that it is turn key, because I have never met an O&R that was! If you are interested, please pm me and I will give you the price and shipping cost. Here is a video of another one that my son was riding about 5 years ago:
  2. Thanks a lot , I am waiting for the pictures.:hyper:

  3. Hi , In search of vintage orline chicken

    I have one in excellent condition that I could sell. Will post photos this eve if interested.
  4. Tiny Tiger Generator Model 400

    You get a gold star, David.
  5. O&R engine

    Cool boat. I'm thinking White Heat V with custom cowl. I'd put the O&R engine in it so it will look like this:
  6. O&R engine

    I would have thought a White Heat V, so photos are a must for identification.
  7. Orline Hedge Trimmer with Model 20A engine

    No cover, never even seen that housing- looks different than the others.
  8. Orline Hedge Trimmer with Model 20A engine

    Hey David, I've never seen one with that engine. As you probably know, I have quite a few of those parts, including complete pull start housings and/or parts, original grips, points, condenser plus cover, NOS carb, possibly a complete gasket kit and other seals, exhaust, block, crank, piston, etc.
  9. Big O&R display

    Glad I bought most of mine before the explosion! Heck, one of those green Varo Amp Champs just sold for 500 and 350 w Tiny Tiger sold for nearly $600! The highest that I have ever seen!
  10. Mini Outboard Motor

    To run top notch, it will need a diaphragm. Just sayin'.
  11. Carb Application

    You are definitely the best detective that we have! Does it look like it is mounted with an adapter?
  12. White Heat V - RC Hydroplane

    I've got the clear one way valve, also.
  13. White Heat V - RC Hydroplane

    Did you install a new diaphragm? If not, it will definitely need one for the best performance. As for props, it's almost a nightmare to find the optimum one without trying multiple pitches. I was lucky enough to hook up with a rc boat club and a knowledgeable guy with a box of props helped me figure it out. We ended up with a 3 blade, beryllium Octura prop, not sure of the number. How about a photo of the boat?
  14. Carb Application

    David, they all have two inlets and the one pictured is the only one with marred screws. I realized that it was a poor screwdriver job, just wondering why somebody would have taken a new carb apart.
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