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  1. Orline Challenger Mark-IID Chainsaw

    FYI, I have ignition, carb and other parts for this engine.
  2. "O&R Life Saver Gen-set"

    I did notice that. You should make some and sell them on here or eBay. Number one requested part, other than diaphragms.
  3. "O&R Life Saver Gen-set"

    The old seals on these engines are definitely subject to causing lean running conditions. I've found that about 50% of them need new seals, and it does not matter if they are NOS or well used.
  4. Bearing for ohlsonn 1hp

    I do not mind sending a variety of bearings for you to check fit. Once again, thank you David, for doing some of the footwork.
  5. Bearing for ohlsonn 1hp

    Well, I have the diaphragm along with many bearings, but I do not have the plastic housings or the time to figure out if they cross. Not sure how to help you.
  6. Bearing for ohlsonn 1hp

    Ok, I cleared out my message box. Not sure if I can help with the bearings, because as David said, I do not know if they cross. I might have an old used crank housing, but I'll have to look. I do have diaphragms.
  7. Bearing for ohlsonn 1hp

    What exactly are you asking???
  8. I think David is right, it's probably somebody's replacement for 131 or 15 on your photo.
  9. Does not look like 131 to me.
  10. Looks like the carb disc...
  11. I found a bottom half of a carb pump that had all of the little parts in it and sent them, including the spring. He did not ask for the mylar check valve, though. He may still be missing.
  12. One of the tank nipples is for a jumper, breather hose to go to the other side of the tank to allow the tank to siphon fuel when it is filled past the arch. You can use a wire to clean it. The other goes to the bottom of the tank and has a screen in it. If you push a wire too far, it will push out the screen or poke a hole in it . I use lacquer thinner to clean the tank and hook up a hose to blow and suck in to it. Eventually it comes clear.
  13. I have needles and screws. As David said, do not re-use the foam, clean and re-gap the points, and the coils rarely, if ever, go bad.
  14. Another Little Wonder

    I believe that the history of Little Wonder started over there as well as here. They have been around for close to 100 years. Oldest version:
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