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  1. I think David is right, it's probably somebody's replacement for 131 or 15 on your photo.
  2. I found a bottom half of a carb pump that had all of the little parts in it and sent them, including the spring. He did not ask for the mylar check valve, though. He may still be missing.
  3. One of the tank nipples is for a jumper, breather hose to go to the other side of the tank to allow the tank to siphon fuel when it is filled past the arch. You can use a wire to clean it. The other goes to the bottom of the tank and has a screen in it. If you push a wire too far, it will push out the screen or poke a hole in it . I use lacquer thinner to clean the tank and hook up a hose to blow and suck in to it. Eventually it comes clear.
  4. I have needles and screws. As David said, do not re-use the foam, clean and re-gap the points, and the coils rarely, if ever, go bad.
  5. Another Little Wonder

    I believe that the history of Little Wonder started over there as well as here. They have been around for close to 100 years. Oldest version:
  6. Another Little Wonder

    I could not resist, bought another and did a complete teardown this weekend. Every screw, seal and bearing was removed.
  7. Hi , In search of vintage orline chicken

    Nope, my price was better than that, better condition and more complete...He fell off the face of the earth...
  8. O&R questions

    No problem. you can Paypal me $11 and I will send you one. PM me for my email address. ^^^Factory (David) is our cross the pond guru^^^
  9. O&R questions

    A diaphragm is $10 cash (lunch) to: Check your PM's
  10. O&R questions

    32:1 modern 2 stroke oil is absolutely fine. 9:1 will kill the mosquitos. You've already figured out the cause of no spark. 95% of them that do not have spark are caused by dirty points. All engines that will be ran, should have the diaphragms replaced. I sell them for $10, shipped in the US, $11 anywhere else in the world. When they are gone, I will not be making any more, and I don't sell them on ebay because they take what little profit is made on them and it just became a PITA, along with selling all of my parts for these engines.
  11. Hi , In search of vintage orline chicken

    Here's the story with this one: I bought it about 10 years ago. I'm pretty sure that the engine is unused, but I believe that I put a new diaphragm and crank seals in it when I bought it, because I did that with all of my O&R's. I know for sure that the fuel tank and exhaust have never been used. The throttle cable is a nice aftermarket version. It comes with an original manual and a tattered box, not shown. There are no guarantees that it is turn key, because I have never met an O&R that was! If you are interested, please pm me and I will give you the price and shipping cost. Here is a video of another one that my son was riding about 5 years ago:
  12. Thanks a lot , I am waiting for the pictures.:hyper:

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