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  1. New use for old Kitchen Unit

    Very nice Richard.
  2. A FEW More Newby Hall.

    As Chris said Norm. Very bright. Had to put my sunglasses on.
  3. Newby Hall Day 1

    Good photo's and a nice selection of machinery Paul. But WHAT is Norm trying to do in photo 10. ? Also, photo 32 should come with a health warning.
  4. A Day At Beamish Museum

    Can't remember how long ago I last visited. I expect there have been lots of changes since. Did Pam have a good rest in the netty ( toilet to you posh people ) Chris. ?
  5. Box 'o' Goodies

    Lots of useful stuff there Richard. I'm still gradually sorting John's machine tools which he passed on to me. Made use of a lot of them already.
  6. Wheel Horse SD Deck

    I wonder who that could be ? Norm, we need a clue.
  7. A mowing we will go.

    Are you growing a beard Norm, or has your hair just slipped.
  8. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Looks good Ewan. Like the green test area too.
  9. Having A Change In The Shed

    Just checked. Looks like you are correct Chris.
  10. Bill Targett Memorial Rally

    A nice assortment as usual Paul. Like the Vauxhall Victor and the Lawn Bug. I had a Victor FB estate years ago. Simple to work on, not like now.
  11. Having A Change In The Shed

    Looks good Chris. Don't recognize the bench though. New build, or just uncluttered since my visit. Have you found the Myford serial number yet. ?
  12. After a lot of head scratching and taking a very rough guess, I would definitely say YES.
  13. Thanks Alain. Anything like that makes me dribble. All boot and bonnet, or trunk and hood over the pond. A little bit on the thirsty side though. You will have noticed how spotless the engine bay is too Paul.
  14. Thought the Lomax would be a bit too modern for you Norm. Very nice though.
  15. No Chris. Didn't see everything but think a Marina would have stuck out like a sore thumb.
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