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  1. F.A.O. Alan.

    Saw looks a bit lot different now Norm. Hope any worms living in the handles don't find it too cold up there. Like the pots too. Another I think Chris will agree with me when I say " No wonder you're POTTY".
  2. Ride-on Tractor lift

    Good find Chris. I expect you will be paying regular visits there now to see what other goodie's end up on the pile.
  3. A Good Day Out.

    Two interesting places Norm. The tractor collection will keep someone busy with a duster.
  4. Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Mine has arrived.
  5. Red Tractor, Yes Please, "Oh Dear"

    Well !! We need to know what it is. And where are the photo's. ? Come on, why the delay. Too busy with the kettle I suppose.
  6. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Another top job Ewan The sheep looks well impressed.
  7. Happy Birthday Ian

    Happy Birthday Ian. Have a good one.
  8. Fun in the snow

    Sorry about Dad's face Joseph. Hope he didn't say too many naughty words.
  9. Fun in the snow

    Good video Joseph. Nice to see that John's old Bolens is still going strong and being put to use. Probably thinks it's a Wheel Horse though with all the RED paint.
  10. Carb needed for Versatiller

    Hi, Steph. PM sent.
  11. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Looks good Ewan. Stands out against the red paint.

    OOP's. Sorry. That should be 8" x 2.25" not 1.25. Finger trouble. The rims had lugged tires fitted when found Richard. Removed and sent to Darren ( Darmic ) for his project. Just found these photo's.

    I think these alloy rims are from a small Rotavator. If so, anyone know which one. The tire size would be 8" x 1.25 approx. 1" center hole, 5/16" bolt holes at 1.1/8" C/L. One had a hub 2.5" diameter with a 3/4" bore. Looks like this is in two parts with the center screwed in. Not tried unscrewing it to find out yet. Found at John's during the clear out. Now I need to have a clear out too.
  14. Vintage Fuel Tap saved

    As Norm said.
  15. Happy Easter Everyone

    Bit late for me to disappear. Already said I would help son with house move. Happy Easter anyway.
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