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  1. Downsizing in Metalwork

    14BA. I've drilled and tapped 12BA, they were bad enough.
  2. Bring and Buy sale

    Yes, 4 should do Norm. I'm not that heavy. Making the trailer with 2 or 4 wheel conversion. Quick change by pulling out a few R clips. Just something different.
  3. Bring and Buy sale

    Just bought some for Half a Horse's trailer. Advert blurb states Maximum load per tyre 300 lb / 136 kg at 30 psi. 16mm ID bearings, Lots on ebay at various prices,
  4. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    100% better looking now Nigel. Did the welding cure the leaking cylinder head. ?
  5. Woodstore Surprise

    Don't remember seeing that at John's. Saw everything else that went into the big RED wheely bin though.
  6. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Looks brilliant Ewan.
  7. Downsizing in Metalwork

    More awesome work Richard.
  8. HALF a HORSE.

    Already thinking about this Iajn. Thanks. Have some parts roughed out. Measurements guesstimated from photo's like the other pedal but correct sizes etc would be better. No rush though as working on other parts just now. Would a roll of wallpaper be long enough. ? Thought ! If I used a roll of lining paper I could write on both sides.
  9. HALF a HORSE.

    Thanks Chris, but every time I cross something off the list more gets added at the other end.
  10. HALF a HORSE.

    Two little bits this time. The carburetor attachment tube was cut down to about 1/2 length. Left long, the throttle cable was rubbing on the outside of the hood and didn't look good anyway. Cut down, the cable and it's outer spring fitted neatly inside the hood. I expected difficulty cutting the tube down due to the limited room for the hacksaw, but it was a quick and easy job. The tube was softer than thought and a junior hacksaw soon went through it taking care not to mark the paint on the surrounding body panels. The cable is just tucked in out of the way at this stage. The brake pedal, non working, was made up from alloy, steel washers and plastic. The lettering is 1 mm approx round plastic rod with the curves of the B and R from solder wire. The solder wire was super glued in place with the remainder of the lettering and other parts fused together with liquid plastic cement. The washers, either side of the pivot point, were drilled and tapped then held together with 8BA c/sunk bolts passing through the assembly. The center of the washers, and the plastic/alloy in between, were tapped 5/16 UNF for a mounting bolt which was fixed in place with lock tight. This item was just eyeballed up from various photo's so just a near enough copy. The last photo shows it loosely fixed in place and still waiting final filling and painting.
  11. The Showmans new Toy

    Well Norm, if he buys the new and unassembled one too, he needn't make the decision. One for show and one for play. If Pam didn't mind the first, shouldn't be a problem with another.
  12. The Showmans new Toy

    Restore, or leave as Chris. ?
  13. Flat pack Wheelhorse

    The other Iain, the Bolens one, would have been disappointed with a little load like that.
  14. Westwood T 1200

    Like that brake lever / throttle idea even if it does sound like it wants to go and stop at the same time. Could possibly use that arrangement on my Half a Horse / trailer build.
  15. Mini Power Pack.

    Think the boat engine was 32cc Norm. A BIG difference to the Roper. Boat 65 inches long.
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