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  1. meet susie, the 604 :)

    forgot to mention that i have fitted a new tyre (well one that i found at the back of the shed) and actually taken it for proper spin up the road to my boss's workshop, bout a 1/2 mile! however i'm still in need of an idler pulley for the clutch and funds are too tight at the moment to get one so that parts on hold for a while the one that is on their is kinda alright for moving it round the workshop though
  2. meet susie, the 604 :)

    breif update, no pics at the moment, as my phone had an argument with a roller-mill :L have shortened some track end rods off an old c120 i have parked in the field so the steering is now completely functional, made a new clutch control rod and fitted a brake band scavenged off the same c120, sadly found a hairline crack in the gearbox, but jb welded it this evening so hopefully that will cure it, hitch pin is being a b&$T£*d so thats not really moved yet, started drilling it but its still holding fast so will try the gas on it tommorow! i'll dig the girlfreinds camera out then and take some piccies!
  3. another little purchase..

    if threres no spark its most likely just gonna be a case of cleaning and re-gapping the points, check the plug is functioning of course, if that fails, move on to checking coil and condenser, its also really easy to convert a briggs to electronic ignition if you want to go down that route.
  4. meet susie, the 604 :)

    the hoods actually is quite good rust wise, but some one has cut a hole out in order to fit some sort of hand winch, my theory was someone used it for tree work, , have toyed with the idea of keeping the winch as its part of the history of this 604 and whatever it did though its working life......
  5. wheel horse parts wanted

    cheers norm i'll take a look
  6. wheel horse parts wanted

    c series ones are considerably longer, ive got a scrap one in the field so i checked, was a bit disheartened to find they where about an inch longer
  7. meet susie, the 604 :)

    well, had a bit of a session this morning, free'ed up the steering drop arms with some help from a blow lamp and some wd40, greased them and they now move as free as a bird, steering column is still a bit tight, (some sort of bronze/brass bushing in there?) rear panel work is off, not one bolt would undo despite 2 days soaking in penetrating fluid and 3 in 1 oil, they have all sheared despite my best efforts, so will be drilling and re-tapping a lot during reassembly! the clutch mechanism is now working with the exception of the return spring and idler pulley, the bearing in this is stuck solid and the pulley "V" has rotted out in places. Had a brief look at the slot hitch and this is rusted solid, anyone got any tips on how get the pin out without damaging the gearbox or hitch?
  8. wheel horse parts wanted

    ps, also could do with but less vital as a suppose i could make one....the brake/clutch linkage rod
  9. wheel horse parts wanted

    currently looking for, one clutch idler pulley, full brake assm, and tie rods, all for the 604, but i imagine that the earlier commando 8s have a lot of crossover parts, not 100% sure of that though will post pictures of said worn out parts this evening, and for a real long shot, has anyone got the body panel that the rear wings bolt to and a correct pan seat? cheers henry
  10. meet susie, the 604 :)

    not too bad.....bit milky of course....but not awful....no worse than the c-120s when i bought them, have filled it with a mix of coca cola anddiesel at the moment, to flush it out a bit.
  11. meet susie, the 604 :)

    now theirs an idea,i think i'v got some in the shed........might keep costs down. seriously though i am giving the owatrol some serious thought gearbox is now free.....i can push it around which makes life easier, in theory with a new drive belt and the clutch mechanism repaired its drivable (in the roughest sense of the word) all that appeared to be wrong wrong was that the brake mechanism had welded itself together with corrosion, the band is completely shot as is the lining so one of those needs to be sourced, but i'm gonna start on the clutch mechanism tomorrow or the steering..
  12. meet susie, the 604 :)

    she lives! :Dreground valves, tank and carb cleaned and a new spark plug, and after 26 yrs she ran this evening......runs sweetly and smooth....gearbox to tackle next!
  13. meet susie, the 604 :)

    Gumtree, Buckinghamshire
  14. meet susie, the 604 :)

    first jobs gonna be getting it moving under its own power, then we shall see, the bonnets got a lovely patina, but the the wings and battery tray need some welding work done so it'll probally be a full respray job, plus i have never owned a nice shiny one so this might be my chance
  15. meet susie, the 604 :)

    well after a 5 hr drive, and some interesting moments loading and unloading from the back of a disco! this is now parked in my garden. at a first glance its a little daunting, but the engine turns over and the carb and tank is spotless. full set of wheel weights and the gearbox appears to work but the clutch and brake pedals are seized solid, the brake pads have rusted to the drum and the clutch linkage and steering rods are gone, thottle and choke cables have had it, the slot hitch is seized solid and lift rod has rusted though as has the battery tray! however it was love at first sight and she will be saved ! if anyones got a kohler 141 workshop manual they could email me i would be eternally grateful, and if anyones got any of the bits missing that were listed above and are willing to part company please let me know cheers
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