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  1. Bolens 18049-02 Mower Deck refurbisment

    Wouldn't be for a Tractor........ for a project (on paper at idea stage) that would require a 90 degree drive with a Universal Joint on the input Shaft.
  2. Homelite Chain saw collection

    I got curious and had to look up the Spec on all but one of your Chainsaws. I could not relate to the use of the word 'Automatic' in the Model name and notice the Plunger on the rear near the Handle of 3 models. I found they have an Automatic Oil Feed and a Manual Pump !. Interesting!.
  3. Bolens 18049-02 Mower Deck refurbisment

    Would love to get a hold of one of those 90 degree Shaft Drive Units on top of it .
  4. Mower Deck refurbishment

    Thanks Gents for the opinions on the underseal options, always welcome suggestions, so I'll have a good think about which way to go. I have a large spray can of Automotive chip resistant white paint to use up, so I'll put that on first, followed by whatever, but would probably be comfortable using a good enamel like Norm says, then would have the option to slap Underseal of some kind on if required ?. . I had a long think about pulling the seal(s) and keeping the Grease Point, but decided against it after posing the question on Redsquare and for 2 other reasons. I would not expect anyone to notice the deliberate assembly error in my pic of the fitted Spindle, but the upper Spacer face that the Oil Seal Lips run on were graunched . I had to fit it upside down (it was fitted wrong originally anyway) which negated my option to pull both of the seals from the Top Bearing. This would be essential if I wanted to grease them, as the 2 small cutouts in the top Spacer have to line up with the Grease Groove in the Spindle so the grease is forced via the top of the upper Bearing, through it's Race and into the chamber to hopefully somewhere near the bottom one. Problem is, I could not see where any pressure/air relief could escape from the chamber in order to allow more grease in, short of blowing the lower seal, or the separately fitted top Oil Seal (unless everything is a loose fit with gaps !. Secondly, the bearing spec is good enough for me and there are Sealed for Life Bearings all over these Tractors and their ancillaries that go through hell and survive long time....we shall see. Thanks, Regards.
  5. Homelite Chain saw collection

    Yeah,! a real nice set of 'ole Slicers there Alain!. Not a Chain Brake in sight. My tiny 72 Beaird Poulan XXV is a dream to use and just won't compare to modern stuff. You have been conspicuous by your absence and glad to see you here again Regards
  6. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    Hello and welcome to the Forum............... Most impressed with your effort to produce a superb finish on that machine. Others here will know much more about Westwoods than me, so can't offer an opinion on quality of it's mowing performance. I'm sure your Father-in-Law will enjoy using it irrespectively.
  7. Mower Deck refurbishment

    Finally got my Bearings delivered 4 days late. I always seem to get the dyslexic stand-in Postman who tries to deliver my package(s) to somewhere else.....and it was a 'Sign For' item- Rant over, I fitted the bearings with both seals in place and so will blank off the Grease point. The Spindle needed more finishing to remove more raised scoring before fitting without excessive strain on the bearings. The top Oil Seal is a cheaper SKF double lip version, as it will now only need to keep dust and water out and the proper Toro Seal would cost over ukl£20!. So having prepped the Deck Shell for paint, I had put the first coat of the horrible Synthetic Paint on 4 days ago and still waiting for it to fully harden. With the Centre Spindle rebuilt and silky smooth spinning, I fitted it back in place- I will do away with the Keys from the Pulleys at a later stage and convert to Nuts and Lock Washers as per Wheel Horse Service Bulletin #429. I have one spindle with a slightly sloppy Keyway. Getting close to deciding what kind of final finish coating to apply underneath.
  8. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Most impressed with your approach and developing a wealth of skills playing with old metal Ewan !. The subject is about as challenging as they can get. I'm sure you'll overcome the problems. I'll also be following with interest.
  9. Project Budget Sachs Diesel Howard Gem.

    What more can one say Gareth?. Classic example where a combination of addiction and quality work only produces perfection. Well worth the effort (and the aches 'n' pains)
  10. Mower Deck refurbishment

    It looks ok now Norm, bit of a state when I started the long job, but should be good for a few seasons if cleaned properly and carefully. Been sorting the Anti scalp Roller. I Machined up 2 flanged Bushes to fit the bearings and the fabricated Pin. I used Cast Iron and as many will know, it produces a lot of fine particles of black dust. So having mentioned this in a PM to Alan, here is a pic of the result that a few carefully placed Magnets wrapped in a plastic bag can do to confine it- It catches most of it and allows a quick clean up after. Finished Bushes and a sliding fit on the 1/2" dia pin- As I'm pinching the flanged Bushes against the Roller bearings between the 2 mower brackets I needed to thread the end of the Pin 3/8" x 18 UNC for a nylock Nut. Rest of the parts and the old Pin - Trial fit and all good..... back to cleaning and painting. Regards
  11. Wiston Steam Rally

    Nice pics, thanks. I see the work of Young Max (Vinnetrow). The Car with the twin Midget Mk2 M/cycle on the trailer. I presume he was there.....or sold it/them?.
  12. Through the showmans lens at Wiston

    Thanks for the pics Chris, missed that one. The F1 GP magnet kept me at home.
  13. Mower Deck refurbishment

    Good luck with the project Norm. It's a bit of love/hate relationship doing this deck. I enjoy doing it when able, but frustrating when you find the evidence of the 'Bodger Squad' having been there before you. I had some nagging doubt about leaving the main Driven Spindle Ass'y as is. There was the slightest evidence of a 'Graunch' in the bearing somewhere. So I torqued up the nut to spec on the double Pulley to find it worsened. I decided to pull it and replace the bearings. The spindle had to be carefully pressed out showing signs of bad scoring and the Oil Seal had been damaged when assembled in the past. Ordered new quality bearings and seals last night and extra spare ones- The top (original) bearing was ok. The bottom one was made in Taiwan with a rubber shield (cheap type) and was the cause. Progress on the Shell going well. Baffles welded in, sealed and primed. I also decided to plug the 13 unused factory pressed out holes in the shell, as they tend to assist with the rust process and allow grass up into the drive belt area on top- Sorry for the last being a tad out of focus. Still some de rusting of the last 3 panels to do (not great fun in hot weather). Finished shortening the 8 stainless Belt Cover fixing bolts to 1/4 inch so there is little protuberance underneath and starting on the front wheel spindle ass'y. ........ Lathe Time . Regards.
  14. Wheelhorse D-160

    Hi Iain, If you don't want your old Carb,don't junk it, I will have it. I would like to fully rebuild one (a #30) off of a 16hp Kohler, as I have only done a #26 from a 12hp. See this- -LINK- As for dating the D160, They were first introduced in 1974 model # 1-0650 (if you can find the little black plate anywhere). If not....... As Norm says, check the Engine numbers on the Blower Housing, usually, if the engine was ever replaced, the old covers and Housings were fitted to it. I say this, as I see from your pics that the engine is painted Grey, and this often says Replacement to me. Normally there would be traces of the original red on it?. So it would be either a 74, or a 75, as they fitted Onan Engines from 1976 (unless Belgium Plant messed with the U.S Model Schedule spec again and fitted whatever they had laying around). 1982 ceased production I believe. Regards.
  15. HALF a HORSE.

    Clearly a methodical mind at work. Most impressed Alan. I'm sure your welding is also way superior to mine . I'm sure there are many people here with machines that could produce/turn up anything for you that you aren't able to.......... Should you need any, just drop us/me a PM.