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  1. Anglo Traction

    The Border Reiver MK 2

    Superb job! and now a very usable machine. Well done sir !.
  2. Anglo Traction

    The things you have to do.

    We all have to endure that experience Norm and we all enjoy it as much as you appear to in the Pic. The important thing was were you able to have a few beers?. Reminds me of Wesley Pegden's reluctance to wear a suit and it kept making him turn left . Hope you had a good day.
  3. Anglo Traction

    Fichtel & Sachs AG STAMO 202

    I was relying on you Koen to have seen one. Not sure how common they are, only seen one on Ebay.De in the last year. Very robust mower if well maintained. Impressed with the Wire pullstart cord, would outlast the engine. When I look at the Drive unit on the Mower, it reminds me of the WW1 Mk1 Tank Tails used for steering. I think they must have changed the colour scheme at some point, as this Sabo owned image is earlier than 1965 I believe-
  4. Anglo Traction

    1971 Bolens Husky 1054

    That looks to be a very tidy, unmolested machine. They don't show up very often like that. Good aged patina. Lucky you had a spare motor. Is the Camshaft solid?, it looks like it, and must have had a high load force to snap it. Reminds me of Kohler 8hps where the hollow Camshaft breaks when it's hit by the Conrod. Also, Good Vid work there 👍.
  5. Anglo Traction

    C-120 is going to another home soon

    Sorry Nigel, afraid it's going West to Dorset 😢. Had some theraputic time on the machines over the weekend. Made the Keys out of EN8 Steel which is a tad softer than the originals. shown here and the new machined blank- Milling the centre out (3/16"/ 4.75mm) to make the two keys- Finished Keys- The fit is now perfect in the Keyways and reassembly under way-
  6. Anglo Traction

    B-115 Manual-Belt Diagram

    Missed this one somehow. Everything you need is -HERE- type your model number 02-11BP05 in the box.
  7. Anglo Traction

    Here is my winter project

    Does that mean there will be both metric and imperial fixings as well?. I haven't done a LAV example.
  8. Anglo Traction

    Plough Depth Wheel'

    Should do the job now Norm . I'm sure your ground up there is a lot softer than it is down this way at the mo' .
  9. Anglo Traction

    Fichtel & Sachs AG STAMO 202

    Sorry for delay in reply. Nope, not a chainsaw. It is a Mower, but I don't think they are common in UK?. It was a bit of a wreck and on it's second engine (1965 mower model). Judging by the damage to the rather massive Spindle housing, it had a catastrophic bearing failure as well when the original engine let go of it's bits. Presumably, it had new bearings fitted when the engine was replaced, and it was these bearings which had also failed and I was tasked with extracting them for replacement- It took an awful lot of pressure just to get the 25mm diameter spindle out. I then had the same problem with the bearings and found they had been bonded in to take up the gap caused by the old seized ones wearing the Housing bore out- Found the housing bore was nearly 0.4mm larger after cleaning it out. That gave me a problem, as the usual Loctite bearing fit fluids could only cope with much smaller gaps. Searched and found one that specified use for up to 0.5mm gaps, obtained new quality bearings and had to make a circular wire spacer to hold the lower bearing away from a worn lip in the bottom of the housing- Reassembled and bolted up under tension to ensure everything was aligned while the joint fluid was setting. Installed the completed Housing back onto the Deck and fitted the massive sharpened/balanced blade. All now smooth spinning ready for running- It was then that I had to tear into the engine to find why no spark. Not impressed with the motor's design, over complicated and lots of work removing bits to get at the coil etc. Took a 4 foot (1.22mtrs) scaffold bar on both the Flywheel nut and then again to get the Flywheel off the keyed taper. Anyway, all sorted and got it running despite the iffy Carb (now you know where that Fuel Tap I fixed went to)- This machine had a serious impact on it's left rear corner. You can just see the (good) Ali weld repair bottom right. It had damaged the Drive unit housing etc and I had to pull that straight and fix the pulleys etc- So there it is, a 1965 SABO rotary mower with drive unit. I only have to fix the handles on and it's ready for testing and fine tuning. It has no remote throttle on the handle, only a lever that lifts the drive unit clear of the ground!. The throttle lever is on the Carb!. Interesting machine and a mildly enjoyable challenge, but give me an old british job with old whitworth spanners and a good chance of obtaining spares and info. Which spookily is what is lined up for me next edit- Mods can move this to another forum as it is a pedestrian op machine if desired. I kept it here for continuity Regards
  10. Anglo Traction

    C-120 is going to another home soon

    Having a clear out of the workshop and this is the first of the machines to go. In the process of installing a later Transmission. Why ?, well the old original one (5091 version) developed a tiny weep on the r/h axle seal and we all know they don't cure themselves. I suspected a worn needle bearing, so I checked it for up and down sloppy movement, as I won't sell it like that - Barely 0.007" up and down total with all the weight taken on the Jack, which is not that bad. I'm not happy just replacing the seal, so I'm going to rebuild this one and install the 103916 unit which is unmolested, clean shafts 'n' keyways, no leaks and had clean oil drained out of it- It will be used for mowing and towing duties, so it will have a heavy duty WH tow hitch fitted. Old tranny is on the left, replacement should be fitted this evening and I'll make the new woodruff keys over the weekend hopefully (in between watching Singapore GP)-
  11. Anglo Traction

    help needed

    Welcome to the Forum. I other thing to check before buying any parts is to check all earth/ground connections in the Ignition circuits. Your Tractor model commenced in 1979 and has (should have) an Engine cradle with Anti vibration mounts. It calls for a cable to be fixed to an engine point and the cradle in order to maintain a good earth(ground) to make the circuits.They need to be clean metal contact. Diagram of the link cable (47) example for you- If any become rusted, the resistance increases and subsequently reduces current flow. This can restrict the current from the Coil, through the S/Plug to earth/ground. Earth/Ground connections include Solenoid, Condenser bodies, as well as the engine to frame. If the Starter motor spins the engine over ok, then that cradle to engine earth wire is proving a good connection, so you can check the other items mentioned If this doesn't help with the spark strength, then you may have to replace some parts. If you have a multimeter, you can test most of the parts and connections to see what you need. You can also set the static ignition timing accurately with it too.
  12. Anglo Traction


    Quality work Alan and good clear Macro pics .
  13. Anglo Traction

    Kohler Spares

    Another long time customer here for Meetens. Presume your engine is a K241 10hp? with a starter/generator. What are you in need of ?. The lack of offers ref your steering bushes may be due to nobody knowing what they look like. I suspect the only choice is to find somebody to make them for you. Maybe we could be of more help if you post an image of the item(s) and some dimensions?.
  14. Anglo Traction


    I just love that Drummond , I only wish I had the time, space and ability to do it justice. Hope it finds a decent home
  15. Anglo Traction

    home made 20 press

    Very nice job there . When I finally obtained a cheapo 12t Press, it opened a whole new world of practicalities. I imagine with the Brake Press addition, you're sorted for every challenge. Also look's like you have everything else to hand in the workshop ! (insert green envy smiley here).