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  1. Happy Birthday Neil.

    Happy bithdayNeil💋
  2. FOA The Showman.

    Looks good to me Norm
  3. Any idea what this is ?

    Yes ripped it to bits yesterday Paul, not going to do a mega Resto on this one just rub down bang a few dents out paint and fit a Briggs engine to it
  4. This Years Garden

    Why do you have a big cage round your garden Alain, giant wabbits ?
  5. Starter motor.

    Ian's probly got some Norm or your best mate
  6. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    They are Good mowing machines
  7. Hollycombe Steam in the Country

    I love the little scaled down scammel, work of art
  8. Once again a stunning job Gareth 👍🏻
  9. Any idea what this is ?

    Front axle is the same as a fall
  10. Any idea what this is ?

    No mate
  11. Happy birthday Nigel

    Thank you all
  12. Any idea what this is ?

    It's not a huffy or a mustang it might be a fall I've never seen anything like this one ,it's got an inch box section chassis, solid front wheels blow up rears I think it should be red and white
  13. Trojan Toraktors in UK

    Right now what you have there is a bitza the chassis , gearbox and engine arnt Trojan in fact it might only be the bonnet that is, theback wheels look to big as well. But you still have the basics of some thing very nice there , I have done the same thing in the past, building tractors from many different parts and. Ime sure with a bit of work you could turn it into a nice tractor that's worth a few bob, and would go down well at shows
  14. Trojan Toraktors in UK

    It looks like a mk 1 which is the rarer one but, I think it's been played with, what size are the rear wheels ? It should have a Clinton engine, I think yours has got a Briggs, can you get it out side and take some Picts of it all round,then I can help you, I might even have some info brochures some where