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Put the Bolens to work today

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I had a couple of jobs today at a customer's garden and I thought I would give the 600 a brief workout especially since the head gasket and exhaust been replaced by my mate Chris a few days ago. It fired up first time this morning and was a lot quieter than of late. There was a dead Acer (Japanese maple) that needed to be removed. I pruned the branches off and mattacked the roots around the tree. I slipped on a rope around the tree and secured it to the hitch. The Bolens pulled it easily in first gear and took two attempts. Considering that it is a 6hp Bolens without diff lock I was pleased with what it could do.





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Around the River Dart the soil is very free draining as it consists of shale known as Dartmouth Shale. Also the Bolens has very good traction too.....


Fortunately the washing line was not in use; hope she does not noticed that it is longer.....



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