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  1. After weeks of fetteling I've managed to get the Loafer and its deck running and managed to cut the lawn with it. Why don't they make machines as fun to use as this any more.
  2. Got it shipped over in a container with a company in Chelmsford at a fraction of the cost of traditional shipping from the states.
  3. After buying this mower in September last year I finally collected it today after a mate in American boxed it up for me with a load of parts for my Lawnboy Hobby Gardner rotavator and few other bits. This will keep me buy for the next few weeks.
  4. That's a couple of pics of it. It's a 36v battery mower that uses 3 12v motorbike batteries. it was aparently used for half a season then they had a Gardner come in and use his own, been sat in the garage ever since.
  5. Nice one. Never seen one of rider mowers in the flesh before. Have you got a deck for the loafer? im hopefully having a box from the states arrive later this month with a 1970's lawnboy battery electric mower and a full tool set for the hobby Gardner. Planning to get another load together in the next few mounts with bits like a blade for the loafer if there are any parts you are needing.
  6. Hi just joined up and though I'd say hi. On the American forums as collect lawnboys and though I would see how many others over here in the UK have them. have a few including a 1962 8220 automower, 1962 hobby Gardner, 1965 Loafer, 1967 21" deck with loafer mount, and various others from the 70's and 80's mainly. Is there anyone else out there in the UK with them?
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