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  1. ianoz

    Our Komatsu

    This is what it looks like unfolded . This is our Cat D6-8U with its stick rake .
  2. ianoz

    Our Komatsu

    It is a pin on stick rake . Ends fold in to keep it under legal width for transporting .
  3. ianoz

    Our Komatsu

    Komatsu D65EX-12 ready to come home from a job .
  4. Steve , as Buddy would say We iz pore folk here . Lol
  5. This looks like a reasonable machine for the dollars .Rippers will be very handy for tree removal . https://ottumwa.craigslist.org/hvo/d/fort-madison-fiat-allis-dozer/6955814774.html
  6. ianoz


  7. LOL , was getting too fat and lazy sitting on the 988B stockpiling at the quarry . Now at the sand pit.. So at present , on a 45 ton Cat excavator , loading a 773 Cat 60 ton dump truck.Loading and carting the last of the bedding sand in this area of the pit . Once it is off , then there is coarse sand and gravel layer to load out and stockpile .
  8. From an Aussie point of view , I know nothing about the root system of the trees you are wanting to clear . But to me sounds like minimum of a D6 size machine , with rear rippers and something i don't see much of on machines in america . .A tree pusher mounted on the blade .This is not my photo so credit to original owner.
  9. I have been working out at a quarry lately . Company policy says no photos ,so can't show any of the operation . Basicly it is a limestone quarry . Rock is blasted then loaded with a 120 ton excavator . 100 ton dump trucks haul up to the crusher stockpile. They cart up around 7000 tons per 10 hour shift with 2 dump trucks . Cat 988F feeds the crusher , it then goes through various screens and wash plants . Each product is then stockpiled .I think there is about 6 loaders that stockpile and load out trucks . My son and myself have been screening oversize rock . He pulls down a stockpile with a 30 ton excavator and pulls out 500 to 800 MM rocks , the rest is stockpiled to be put through the rock screen . I was on a cat 988B loader ,. so pick up the rock weigh it and stockpile it . Next we screened the other rock .Son was feeding the rock screen with the excavator .Screen has a Grizzly bar to top so over 300 mm rock slid off and i could pick it up weigh and stockpile . The rockscreen has 3 discharge conveyors from zero to 75 mm out one . 75 to 150 out the second and 150 to 300 out the 3rd . Lucky me got to pick up ,weigh and stockpile the 4 products ..Plus bring the rock closer to the excavator to feed the screen .Kept me busy to say the least . We then moved over to another stockpile ,This time to crush to make roadbase .We have a Cat D9L to push up to the 30 ton excavator .Excavator feeds an Impact crusher with onboard screen .Roadbase comes off the end conveyor Oversize gets fed into a cone crusher then back to the screen . I weigh and stockpile the roadbase and bring the zero to 75 mm rock from the rock screen stockpile over the add to the the rock to be crushed .
  10. Get to play with some biggish toys '. Spend a fair bit of time on 988Bs Get to play with this to , Cat 992 . Loads the 60 ton dump trucks in 2 buckets . The other favorite is the Cat D10-84W
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