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  1. Thanks Doug don’t give up on me posting as I am busy this time of year on the farm I will try get some new pic to post for you all on here
  2. I have a jack like that dad always said it was a railroad jack I will try to remember to get a pic of it
  3. Pic from the cab of a brand new Volvo 220 excavator After pushing the dirt back in the hole. I would post one of the hole but it had people in it and I didn’t get their permission to put their pic up sorry I will try in next couple weeks to get some more pic’s and a few vid of stuff working
  4. First is my 1947 3TD7 cat cable dozer doing a little landscaping at my sons new house. The 2nd is my 1957 720 John Deere diesel
  5. 0021F05B-5483-4DC4-BE55-DD19C775A261.mov Not sure if I did this right if so this is my big toy lol
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