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  1. Here's a short video, ran ok (not so much for this clip) but then starved for fuel after maybe 5 minutes every time. Loosened the fuel cap, drained and cleaned the tank, opened up the carb.. seems very sensitive to fuel level/sloshing. Diaphragm maybe? Ran great while clamped to a 2x4 in a vise but as soon as it got near water.. or under a load... oh well.
  2. So, I took the carb apart again, and reassembled it properly. Little bit of fiddling with the mixture and it runs nicely. Hunts slowly at idle, but when the throttle is opened up it runs quite well. Dunked it in the pool and it wanted to pull me in! I'll get a video when I put it on the canoe next week and post the link if anyone is interested.
  3. Runs but not quite right. Didn't go to the lake, need to make a roller for under the spring. I'll get that done this weekend, and I'm planning to take it up the week after Simcoe day
  4. Thanks, the diaphragm is still pretty flexible, but I will replace it for sure. The paperclip is a good idea, I'll try to get it going as is for now, then rebuild it properly afterwards.
  5. I'll get a picture of the inside later today, the arm doesn't have a hole in it and the 1/16" balls that I bought are a perfect fit, so I'm thinking that's what type it is. The air cleaner did have foam, but I cleaned it all out. The engine was very clean overall and has excellent compression. I'll open up the gearbox and see what's in there and give it a good cleaning. My "weekend" actually runs into next week, so maybe I have time lol Thanks for all the input, I'll get further into it maybe this evening, and take more pictures. I'm glad I found this forum, and appreciate the help!!
  6. I was given what was described as a "really small outboard" which turned out to be one attachment of many that were available. I wanted to get it running, but when I took the carb apart the check ball was missing, as well as the roller that goes under the spring. Does anyone know the diameter of the roller? I'd like to get it running this weekend so I can take it to the lake!
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