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  1. Wristpin

    You can never have enough sheds...

    Nice shed but it depends how you rate the security risk but it looks as though the door hardware is just screwed on. Not easy to see but are those hinges and the bolt secure? One coach bolt through each side of each hinge in place of a screw and similar for each side of the bolt . Long enough to go right through with decent washers and nuts on the inside. Ideally a bolt and padlock top and bottom.
  2. Wristpin

    Multiplying Mowett Mustangs !!

    That’s interesting, looks as though they concentrated on garden centres etc rather than the established mower trade.
  3. Wristpin

    Imperial clevis fork supplier

    If a metric equivalent is acceptable https://www.bearingsrus.co.uk/gm8x01-25-dunlop?gclid=CjwKCAjwu5veBRBBEiwAFTqDwZ6pO8ixZLFvUt5BZqT7_5idAToPRJ8MFv6gXIkZBDgjEvkhYr4r_hoCp2QQAvD_BwE Also worth looking at OEM parts lists . For example, Countax use them on their grass collectors.
  4. Wristpin

    Multiplying Mowett Mustangs !!

    Who were the UK importers / distributors for the Mowett and what would be the time frame when they were being bought for regular use? Other than on the front cover of a US generic garden machinery repair manual I never saw on in all my time as a dealer.
  5. Wristpin

    Early Westwood Mower Wanted

    I see that there's a Westwood Clipper on that auction site at present. I'd totally forgotten that they made such a thing!.
  6. Wristpin

    Early Westwood Mower Wanted

    Not that it affects the availability but the early "Westwoods" were imported and rebadged Dynamarks.
  7. Wristpin

    Kohler 12 hp

    That's a configuration often used in heavier duty garden tractors such as JD, Ariens or Cub Cadet with a U/J off the back of the engine to shaft drive to the transmission and the drive to the deck via the electric clutch and one or two belts dropping down to a mule shaft under the chassis and a U/J and short shaft to the deck.. However the position of the fuel tank looks a bit wrong for that application.
  8. To be strictly accurate the Beast did not have a Merlin engine but a Meteor which was the detuned version used in armoured vehicles.
  9. Wristpin

    What was the earliest British Ride On?

    But its not a chain driven fan, just happens to be on the crankshaft that's driving something else. Similar arrangement that used on several old mowers such as Atco Standards.
  10. Wristpin

    What was the earliest British Ride On?

    Norm, think that the birthday celebrations have affected your eyesight , the fan is on the crank !!😋
  11. Wristpin

    Few engines

    All well loved!!! The last one is a Briggs, the Villiers with the reduction box and double pulley, possibly came off a farm bale elevator or even a soil screening trommel - who knows. The SIF s are what they are, - plenty around . The little two stroke , I think more likely off a small 1950s cylinder mower - another who knows?!
  12. Wristpin

    Anyone know anything about this website?

    I thought that I'd replied to this question but if I did it has disappeared - perhaps I dosed off without pressing Submit! Just seems to be rather an odd collection of parts, most of which I would have thought would be obtainable nearer to home - am I missing the point somewhere? SUBMIT !!!.
  13. Wristpin

    Hayter 21 axle

    That's all good news. Interestingly I don't remember the single speed 21s being that fast - but I was younger and fitter then!! EDIT. Just looked back over your earlier posts and don't see any images of the transmission gearbox input pulley - is it single or double? It's just possible that you have one of the not very common two speed machines with double crank and gearbox pulleys and a thin, toothed (and expensive) belt. In 30+ years in the trade I only saw a couple of them. One was owned by an old boy with two "tin legs" who used it with a seat to drive the half mile through the woods to the pub having had his licence withdrawn.
  14. Don’t be put off by the title but there is a lot of electrical and machine shop knowledge on this forum which could be useful. https://www.mig-welding.co.uk/
  15. Wristpin

    Kohler Spares

    Meetens are a good source of parts for Kohler engines and many others. I’ve been a customer since 1980 when they were in Wimbledon. If you want an alternative try Uni-Power - very good for Honda and Briggs parts.