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  1. Fix'em all

    Happy Birthday Stormin

    Happy birthday Norm !
  2. Fix'em all

    What was the earliest British Ride On?

    Presumably this is a 172cc 2 stroke. The fan looks heavy enough to replace the normal flywheel that would have been used if fitted on a motorbike
  3. Fix'em all

    Here is my winter project

    I think I am right in saying it is an Atco W8 & the Aspera engine is a LAV35. If you need Aspera parts you may be best searching for Tecumseh.
  4. Fix'em all

    Briggs Fuel issue

    Have now finished the Merry Tiller Spartan & looks so nice it will be a shame to get it dirty
  5. Fix'em all

    Briggs Fuel issue

    Fitted new tank gasket & still the same. Looked again at the choke & although it looked closed there was a tiny gap both sides of the flap. Slight mod to the set up and it closes tight now & started second pull. I should have checked it properly, thanks guys
  6. Fix'em all

    Happy Birthday Wristpin

    Happy birthday Angus, thanks for your advice through the year
  7. Fix'em all

    Briggs Fuel issue

    I took the air filter housing off & put my hand over the carb & fuel came up straight away. I have put it all back together and put the air filter cover on but it still takes about 10 pulls on full choke to get it to start from cold. Runs lovely when it it starts. The only thing that is different is there was a foam & mesh filter in the air filter cover that was rotten so I removed it. The paper filter is all good so don't know if not having the additional filter is enough to cause this. The new tank gasket should arrive in the week. It does weep a bit so it may be sucking air in & preventing the fuel drawing up.
  8. Fix'em all

    Briggs Fuel issue

    The choke flap is fully closed so I don't believe it is the issue with this. The tank to carb gasket does seem to weep a spot of fuel so my thinking is that it is also sucking air and preventing the fuel from being drawn up from the upper tank chamber. Am I right in assuming this ?
  9. Fix'em all

    Briggs Fuel issue

    Nigel, thanks for the parts breakdown. I wondered if I am getting a good enough seal between the tank and the carb, so I ordered a new gasket first thing this morning. Only trouble is I have ordered part no 272996 & your breakdown shows 692241. They look the same but not sure on dimensions. Reiver - the choke does fully close, but I did notice that if the screw fixing the air filter base plate to the choke lever plate is too long it stops the choke lever before the choke flap is fully closed.
  10. Fix'em all

    Briggs Fuel issue

    Am I correct in saying that the diaphragm only draws fuel up from the main tank to the upper section in the tank. If so then it is doing that, but is it the vacuum of the intake stroke that draws it up into the upper part of the carb.
  11. Fix'em all

    Briggs Fuel issue

    I have a later style Merry Tiller with a 5hp Briggs I/C engine that is refusing to start & is stretching my normally good diagnostic skills now. It is fuel related as it will start when I tip fuel in via the air filter but once it stops it will not draw fuel into the carb. It is pumping up into the raised chamber in the tank but that is as far as it will come. So far I have cleaned the carb thoroughly including under the mixture screw. When you blow through both the pipes on the bottom of the carb it is all clear with no obstruction. I have fitted a new diaphragm and there is a good seal between the carb & inlet manifold. Any ideas what I can try as I am stumped now
  12. Fix'em all

    Farmers boy

    In my experience 90% of the time cleaning the points will get the spark back. Hope the carb is ok as that type can be a bit of a pain to work on and tend to leak fuel when the engine is not running.
  13. Fix'em all

    Mole Hand Grinder

    Picked up this little tool yesterday. Obviously old but does anyone know how old it might be.
  14. Fix'em all

    Kohler K181 8hp engine for sale

  15. Fix'em all

    Yellowbird cultivator/Tiller.

    Will the Briggs engine live again. It appears to have an offset drive gearbox fitted to it (not sure of the correct name for it).