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  1. krackermeal55

    Little Petro mini bike

    I don't see any?
  2. I paid $175 for this engine about 5 years ago and would sell it for that amount. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Joe

  3. krackermeal55

    Little Petro mini bike

    WOW that's sweet!!!! I was offered another N.O.S. P5 from a member of a different site too!! Maybe I'll buy Both!! How much do you need to get for that? Ken
  4. krackermeal55

    Little Petro mini bike

    Thank you! I just may do that. If I can't find a P7, or if I decide to use the motor I believe to be better designed. I am most likely going to deviate from how my bike was when new. I like the blue paint much better from an aesthetic viewpoint. There are no serial numbers or I.D. on the frame, so I can build it with late or early production specs if I want. I may port the lil 'smoker and up the carb size just for fun...lol. Either way, it's gonna be awesome to see it done, and hear it run again. It's my very first piston motor as a lil gearhead. Popped my cherry, if you will. Lol. Ken
  5. krackermeal55

    Little Petro mini bike

    I've determined mine had the P7 TAS engine, obviously. So, the search is on. Need everything not on the bike. Should be like finding a hen with teeth
  6. krackermeal55

    Little Petro mini bike

    I must be a lucky guy, cause I've still got mine!!! And, just recently discovered it's history, and Rarity!! Resto has already started.