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  1. I absolutely will upload some P7 closeups today!
  2. Well...decided to put the 1.2 horsepower Tas motor used in the Aqua-bug/Bike-bug and Sears Gamefisher outboards in my second Petro. Besides more horsepower, the coil is neatly positioned inside the flywheel cover, and the intake port is actually in the cylinder. There are no reed valves. The gearbox side has the same 3 hole pattern, and crank end has same length/taper. I will be modifying this to produce more power by way of increased compression, porting and carburetor/exhaust improvements. Wait till you see the tiny expansion chamber I build! World's fastest Little Petro???
  3. I was blessed by Steve Grier with lots of original brochures and paperwork for the Tas family of engines. Very cool stuff. I'll get the scanner out, and hook it to the old laptop. Post some pics of them. Stand by
  4. Here is MY bike with the NOS P5 and early SQUARE Tas mount. I was planning to restore the blue frame and put the P5 into it. Then I'd have TWO left on Earth lol Oh, and BTW H Killackey, contact me about making coil covers. I have two, I believe.
  5. No, that is my OG Petro, since I've had since new. I bought this one off Ebay to get a motor/trans. This is kinda how mine sits now. Have a P7 with all the parts I'd need, except gaskets. Have two trans, which be hard to let go of, because I doubt I'd find another. Just bought a seat from H Killackey. And, have the foot rests, and chainguard mould I was lucky enough to score from S Grier. Just need to put it together.
  6. I have a basket case Petro frame, fork, wheels, and motor mount. I do not have the transmission but I do have a nice clean(possibly NOS) P-5 TAS engine for it.
  7. I paid $175 for this engine about 5 years ago and would sell it for that amount. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Joe

  8. WOW that's sweet!!!! I was offered another N.O.S. P5 from a member of a different site too!! Maybe I'll buy Both!! How much do you need to get for that? Ken
  9. Thank you! I just may do that. If I can't find a P7, or if I decide to use the motor I believe to be better designed. I am most likely going to deviate from how my bike was when new. I like the blue paint much better from an aesthetic viewpoint. There are no serial numbers or I.D. on the frame, so I can build it with late or early production specs if I want. I may port the lil 'smoker and up the carb size just for fun...lol. Either way, it's gonna be awesome to see it done, and hear it run again. It's my very first piston motor as a lil gearhead. Popped my cherry, if you will. Lol. Ken
  10. I've determined mine had the P7 TAS engine, obviously. So, the search is on. Need everything not on the bike. Should be like finding a hen with teeth
  11. I must be a lucky guy, cause I've still got mine!!! And, just recently discovered it's history, and Rarity!! Resto has already started.
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