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Cut and Shut welding trolley

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Evening all, as you know I've now moved from Arc welding to Mig welding, and very happy with the Mig I am :)

The trouble is with the welder plonked on the remains of an office chair and the gas bottle tied to my blasting cabinet so I stood less chance of knocking it over it didn't make my welder very portable or even easy to shift around the shack!


So what I need is something with wheels to move it all around on...


Enter a tube frame.. 

This frame used to hold a Kohler powered hydraulic road drill unit..

Nigel has the hydraulic side, Chris picked up the engine today, which leaves me with the frame, all be it a bit on the wide side..





Not a problem.. Out came the grinder as 8 1/2 inches was chopped out..





Chopped :D





As I didn't have any of the right size tube to sleeve it with, I had to use some bits of U shaped steel and lot's of G clamps etc to hold it together for welding..





Have a strange ghostly photo of welding in action..





I don't think the end of this axle is going anywhere :D





It was while sitting with a coffee looking at the narrowed trolley thingy that I thought it might be a bit unstable with the wheels not that far apart!





Some more cutting and welding later not only were the wheels outboard but I'd also moved them back a few inches..





And that Ladies and Gents is as far I I've got with the welding trolley today.. 

More to come tomorrow..

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Thanks chaps, glad you like it...


A bit more steel recycling today.. The big tube from this bit of Honda bike frame..





And some blue bit's of angle that were off-cuts from Garry's trike..





Both fitted.






As the front castor wheel was rather worn to say the least, I dug this heavy duty castor  wheel out.. One of a pair that has been following me around for years just waiting for the right moment to be used..





And a quick test fit :D...  I just need to make something to hold the gas bottle in place (rather than the bungee that was used for this quick photo), and it's done..

I was going to paint it but I rather like the "vintage used" look :D



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The final two photo's of what must of been my fastest project to date :)


The finished frame now with more tube and a bit of chain to hold the gas bottle steady..





Loaded up ready to work..



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Great use for an old Williams and James Pace Pak. They became all most obsolete in the late 80's due to being high pressure but low flow. Used to buy loads of them cheaply as the engine was a direct replacement for a howard gem. Quite scarce these days, only scrapped my last frame a couple of weeks ago, never thought of using it for the mig.

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