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4 wheel bmb plow mate

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Visiting a customer at work today and got chatting about different things like you do and we got talking about old garden tractors and stuff at which point he say "come with me young man I've got some thing that you might be interested in taking on" so off we pop to and old barn and he shows me this post-128-144053622732_thumb.jpg a converted (I think) bmb plowmate says he got it from a big old house years ago in a dispersal sale. He said I could take it on on one condition I didn't weigh it in as he wants to downsize his farm. Few more pics post-128-144053636274_thumb.jpgpost-128-144053637739_thumb.jpgpost-128-144053639112_thumb.jpgpost-128-144053640273_thumb.jpgpost-128-14405364182_thumb.jpg

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