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  1. Message to Rayp, I have responded to your PM, let me know if you want the engine.
  2. I manage a nature reserve for a wildlife trust, the volunteers are my Wednesday work party who come to the reserve every week to help with management tasks. I will soon be taking in the wheelhorse tractor that I have fettled so that we can have a tug with trailor to lift and carry. Has anyone attached a wheeled seat behind a mayfield? I inherited one from somewhere and have been thinking about using it when driving the cutter out to the remote glades (not when actually cutting). Could it work, would it be safe?
  3. I have just had a look at mine and that is exactly how it works.... If anyone wants a spare engine/drive unit this one is free to be collected.
  4. Thanks for the info AT, It aced the glades in 2 days barely missing a beat, I will have a shufty at the breather to see what the score is, I will do a search on the forum for more info on it. I am so pleased with this machine, far better and more refined than any Allen scythes I have worked with.
  5. Hi peeps, I am surprised to see that I didn't get round to posting about my bargain Mayfield last year, I used it once at work to put the glades to bed for the winter. I gave it a good sorting out and resharpen during the quiet seasons. Last Wednesday it was cranked up once more to cut the glades again. It is doing a sterling job. There do seem to be a couple of issues though.... First is one of my volunteers was starting it with the handle and the shaft snapped off like a carrot! Lucky I can still use a cord. The other one is I noticed that when the sun back lit it that there is quite a smoke haze from the engine breather, is this likely to be worn rings? Anyway bottom line I am really pleased with the machine, it does the job I got it for and my volunteers love it!.
  6. rog8811


  7. Very disappointing to the guy who bought the wolseley 6/90 from me, he was going to display it "as found" at the show and had invested in a trailer to transport it and a gazebo to go over it in case it rained. He had also purchased a load of food to cater for the wolseley owners club who were going to attend.
  8. I did wonder about that, do the magnets on the flywheel operate correctly as, if I understand it correctly, it is the change in magnetic field that triggers the spark. (I will still get the flywheel off for a look first).
  9. I was just perusing the site and came across this thread, an ideal place for another one of my machines. This was started when my son was a babe in arms, It was going to be a piddler....I couldn't bring myself to build it so simply. it grew like Topsy all scratch built made up as I went along. My son is now 30... the engine is nearly finished It has been steamed once and I towed myself along standing on a pallet truck:)
  10. @ Anglo Traction Thanks for the offer, I will be in touch if I get into trouble.... (Every time I see your avatar I think I must look out some pictures of my traction engine.....)
  11. I think you are right, there is no sign of a number on the shroud so not the original. I looked at that, the kill system has been altered to the point where I am pretty sure it will not work, I will sort out a workround on that. You have it there, it has the wires going off under the flywheel I will whip it off and have a look at the points etc. Thanks for the pointers
  12. An update on this one, the car is sold and has another amazing twist, I have copied and pasted this from the Wolseley forum.... Back to the entombed Wolseley.....Now I've worked out that this car is in Dorking, I've now also recalled that Peter lived next door to the building/shop in Roger's photo's and recalled that Peter had a BIG Wolseley 40 years back. Roger had revealed that he was dealing with the tomb opening for his uncle, and now I'm thinking....could this be Peter's old car? ...was this where Peter stored it? surely not, not after all this time! All it left me was to PM Roger and hope he would call me. The same day I received a telephone call and within minutes Roger revealed that it WAS Peter's car and YES, it was the same car that he had all them years ago. I explained the above situation and I believe he was as shocked as me. Within an hour and a half I was on his driveway with my 6/110 and uncovering a very large Wolseley 6/90 in grey, the very same vehicle that Peter used to drag me to work on many a cold morning back in the mid 70s .........UNBELEIVABLE!!! I made an offer to buy it there and then and had it confirmed today by Roger, that Peter was SO SO happy that the car was going to me and sent a message that the deal was good, only if I took him out in his old car when I'd returned it to the road..... PETER, it will be an honour to return the favours you did me all them years ago...a wild, party going, discovered girly's, candle burner from both ends, long haired (the fashion) 17 year old. It's a CHALLENGE mate.
  13. As this is the only thread I can find with this mower I will put this here, I didn't take a photo before I started but this mower was still in use last year, with this deck made of rust held together with wire! The only reason it was not used this season was that it was pulled and pulled until the recoil spring came off. My son dropped it off for me as he knows I cannot resist a free engine. I had to take it apart before Mrs Rog came home from work so that I could hide it A little investigation after reattaching the spring so that the recoil works reveals no spark , I am happy to spend a few quid on a coil. So at last the question, does anyone know the engine on this well enough to say "get this coil" or is there somewhere on the forum to look it up please?
  14. Definitely 2 SU's behind there, I have someone coming to see it tonight so I will try and get a shot from the other side.
  15. Something like this you mean SU's hidden by air filter of course...
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