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Anglo Traction

A Simple Lathe Indexing Job

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Bit limited until I get the new Glasses, but I decided to make a Classic/Vintage looking replacement Spark Plug Screw Cap. 

Regretfully, I had to make it to fit a modern Metric threaded Plug :( .

I made an Indexing tool a long time ago that allowed me to make and Mark Out a lot of parts for my Traction Engine. 

It just bolts onto the Change Wheel Quadrant (Myford ML7) and a Mandrel that fits/locks into the end of the Spindle to carry any number toothed Change Wheel. 

For this job. I only needed to use the 25 toothed Spindle Driven Gear (removed the Tumbler Reverse selector Lever and Stud)-




Stub of 1/2" dia Brass turned down to shape, drilled and tapped M4 :angry: . I used a 60 deg pointed lathe tool on it's side set on the C/Line and proceeded to manually pass the Tool across the face taking small light cuts to 20thou deep, then turned and locked the Lathe Spindle with the pointed screw in the next tooth groove and repeated. In progress and prior to Parting Off from the Stub-


post-94-0-36788100-1441570334_thumb.jpg  post-94-0-69675400-1441570345_thumb.jpg



. The result is a nice clean grooved rim to grip with the fingers for tightening on the Spark Plug.  

I do have Knurling Wheels so I can make a Clamp type Knurling Tool, but preferred the straight grooves for this job. 

I'll make a BA Threaded one as well for when I find a good genuine vintage Lodge CB3 Plug for the Villiers.  

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Nice job and good idea, Richard. You'd have got on well with my father. He was always coming up with things like that.

I take no credit for the ingenuity of the attachment, as it was conceived more than half a century ago by renowned Model Engineers in this form :bow: .

I just adapted it to my use/machine and so posting it on here, it will inspire others to apply a principle to fit their needs.


Reckon looking back into the past can solve many problems we come across, as probably like for example Norm's Dad and mine, a lot can disappear with them :thumbs: .

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