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Silage Harvester

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This one is a bit of a work in progress, so it may be sometime before it gets finished.

So, started of with half a rolling chassis from a Yardman AN5175.


After a couple of hours cleaning and stripping it looked like this.


Removed rear section of chassis as it isnt required, found a 12hp engine to power it and a 42in deck.


The white masking tape sections are where the out riggers will go to carry the wheels. The yellow handle is where the drawbar will go.


One of the out riggers attached and a lift handle to adjust the deck height made.



This is as far as i have got. The swan neck is fully adjustable to allow transporting behind the tractor or cutting to the side.



Next step will be to find a garden leaf vacuum to help blow the grass up the delivery spout. Mount a battery,make a dash pannel, get a better fuel tank, and tidy it up a bit with a few body pannels.

Well that it for now, might be a while before any more updates as im having problems finding a leaf vacuum at a decent price.

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Not much progress to show as i am having a few problems finding a blower/leaf vacuum at a reasonable price so this project will have to be put on hold, in the mean time i have started to collect parts for my next build. See topic "Ploughing tractor build".

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I have eventually found a blower :)  Its a John Deere Power Flow high output fan so should do my job just fine.

Best bit, it was free !

It could do with new blades but i am having problems trying to work out which model it is. I have been on the John Deere web site and done a google search but cant find the correct model, can anyone help ?



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