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  1. moogie

    Tipping trailer

    A little bit more progress, 50 x 50 box welded into the corners for the removeable sides. A few extra bars in the bed to support the floor. Everything was then fully welded up. We came across a bit of a problem, when you put 100kg at the very front of the trailer the ram is struggling to get it lifted. Once its up 100mm its fine but just getting it moving is the problem. At the moment the cylinder is only 50mm so a new 75mm ram is needed. Dont think the HT20 has the oil capacity for anything bigger.
  2. moogie

    Tipping trailer

    The original fittings on the HT20 are something like 1/4 bsp which we cant find, so Gary has changed them to more modern sizes, ill try and find out what size they are.
  3. moogie

    Tipping trailer

    The upper frame is 60 x 60 box and i have added the dimentions of the original trailer below.
  4. moogie

    Tipping trailer

    I had to leave for a little while and missed getting a few pictures of the build but this is what he had done when i returned. And at half travel. Then full height. It goes up to about 58° which should be more than steep enough. A short video of it in operation. https://youtu.be/3HaLMsurmGA
  5. moogie

    Tipping trailer

    Give my mate a bit of a hand today to start a new trailer project, well, he done the work and i stood and took photo's. They say that its the thought that counts, so i was thinking about all the work i was watching him do, does that count ? Anyway, this trailer will be roughly a scaled down version of this, Started of with some 3x1 1/2 channel to build the frame. Lower bracket for ram. We are very serious about health and safety, that why we will only ever chance one eye ! Gary got some wheels and hubs from an old golf cart, so axle making is next. Axle all put together. And welded in place.
  6. moogie

    Ploughing tractor build.

    Finally getting back to this project. Spent the day cutting down the axle tubes. Sorry, forgot to take photo's. I was able to cut the hub off the tube, shorten the axle and then sweat the hub back on again. It still needs to be fully welded also. Half shafts are going to be sent to my local machine shop to be shortened. They will be cut and then machined mortice and tennon style, sweated together and then a sleve welded over the joint.
  7. moogie


    Hi, thought you might like to see my new hoodie. Got it printed at a local clothing company. What other clothes are available or that you have got made ?
  8. moogie

    Mini Kane trailers

    Another video from the Murray and Conner bros with another mini Kane trailer.
  9. moogie

    Rosemount 2016

    A few photo's from today at Rosemount Estate, Greyabbey, Co.Down. This is one of the biggest working vintage events in Ireland.
  10. moogie

    Silage Harvester

    I have eventually found a blower Its a John Deere Power Flow high output fan so should do my job just fine. Best bit, it was free ! It could do with new blades but i am having problems trying to work out which model it is. I have been on the John Deere web site and done a google search but cant find the correct model, can anyone help ?
  11. It was a pleasure to meet yourself and Nigel the craic was mighty , I could have stayed much Longer but the handbrake was getting too warm sitting in the car so we had to move on. The levels of craftsmanship on WN was excellent, the photos really don't do it justice.
  12. moogie


  13. moogie

    South Coast

    Hi, we are heading to Eastbourne in a couple of weeks time for a wee holiday. Can anyone suggest any attractions/ horticultural shows, etc to go and see ? We will be there on the 16th July for a week. Thanks, Noel.