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Anglo Traction

Downsizing in Metalwork

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Been a while since I worked on this. Weather extremes have delayed setting up for paint preparation etc.

Managed to finish the 4 tiny 1/4" square lidded Oil Boxes which was a 'Jewellers Job' Silver Soldering the tiny hinge tubes in place. The hinge pins are 0.5mm hard wire.

The one in the picture is of the R/H 3rd Shaft, where I had to work around the standard bearing design and the additional steam valve I made and fitted there.

The Oil Box is linked to the bearing by a short 1/16" dia copper tube. proper hex head bolts will be used in final assembly 

All the other Oil boxes not shown fit directly into their respective bearings-



Changed the upper Steering Shaft bearing design with a more correct style version out of Gunmetal.

Also fabricated and added the Tool tray on inside of the Hornplate to hide the dowel end of the steering shaft bearing. Steering shaft is 5/32" dia (nearly 4mm) -



So till plodding on with this when opportunity arises.



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Just to bump this topic to say that this engine has been dismantled for more jobs to be finished prior to painting and running.

I have also decided to make something to accompany it in 1 inch scale.

Over the last 3 months, I've been researching Water Carts as well  as referring to my old Model Engineer magazines from 1980's.

So I've got enough info and images to reproduce an example of a Wallis and Steevens Ltd of Basingstoke Cart of the late 1890s.

Wary of copyright issues, so here is a link to google search results. The black and white image is mainly what I'm working to-

Wallis & Steevens Water Bowser

Want to get these two models done so I can set up for painting at the same time and am making good progress. A few pics of what I've done so far-

Machining the 'T' section wheel rims fron thick walled steel tube 4 1/2" dia x 1/4" thick (114mm x 6.3mm)-



Finished 'T' rings with the hubs-




............and the wheel building jig  with the finished axle/hubs  -



Side plates with associated parts ready for silver soldering-1442430369_sideplates.JPG.d09daac712a2b99c43883a66078e3c57.JPG


The side plates silver soldered up and trial fitted along with the lifting pump-






Happy with the progress.



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Wheels are taking shape. Lot of monotonous work machining 20 spokes 1/8" (3.175mm) wide from 1.2mm sheet, then bending to two different shapes to fit-



Spokes are fixed to hubs with 10BA c/sunk screws. Still lots of work before these are riveted to the rims and finished-



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