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Implement shed.

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   For sometime I've been thinking of building an implement shed. Today I decided to make a start.

 I had some decking boards and 2 x 3 I salvaged when we sold the caravan. Few measurements taken and I decided I'd enough to make the frame work. In between another job I was doing, I got the side frames done.


2002-01-01 00.01.10.jpg


2002-01-01 00.01.26.jpg


8ft x 5ft with a 3" fall.

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 As the grass on the green was still very wet this morning, got a little more done to the implement shed. Framework up, then off to the local wood yard for a couple of sheets of ply and a roll of felt. By mid afternoon I had an implement shed with a waterproof roof. :)


2002-01-01 00.00.15.jpg


Next some battens for the roof and boards for the sides and doors. Also some guttering for the front.


Got the green and verges mowed and swept with the lawn sweeper this evening. A nice productive day. :)

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Good work Norm, I bet you glad of the extra space it's created in your garage :)


I know it's not, but in your last photo it looks like the board on the left is running through the ladder.. Built in steps to make it easier to get on the roof? :D:lol:

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