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Lawns of a dilemna

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Some years ago I bought a very early Ransomes 30" cut lawn mower with a ride on roller seat, I bought it as a source of vital spares for the MG2 crawlers as they share a common engine. When it arrived it was far too good to break for spares and ran like clockwork. I decided to try and use it but my lawns are too complex for such a large cumbersome machine and it is much too fast to walk behind. I then bought another with a view to breaking that and low and behold same thing happened, it is a 36" cut and again seemed to good to break. I now want the space they take up and this is my dilemna, as a mower however good I might get £80-100, if I remove the carb, magneto and most of the engine parts that are MG2 compatible I would make £5-600 off each mower plus the scarp value of the chassis which is extremely heavy. I have spoken to various museums and collectors of ancient mowers and they say there is no demand for such big mowers for the same reason I found. The debating point is do I scrap the mowers to keep a few MG 2 crawlers going or do I keep them as examples of engineering excellence from the days when Britain was great and if so does any body want to buy them?

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Break them they not worth anything as mowers, you can keep them  till you die, then whoever gets them in your will will break them for ranssomes parts and will earn good money 😀

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