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Front Ball Hitch

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   Manoeuvring a 12ft twin axle trailer in a confined space with the Disco, is rather awkward. My Land Rover 90 had a front ball hitch which was very handy for reversing trailers into confined spaces.. Unfortunately the same thing can't be done with the Disco.

  I thought one to fit the front of my Wheel Horses would do the job. So this morning I a rooted out a spare front mule drive.




  Along with some 1"x2" box, bit of plate and a tow ball. I ended up with......591de47f4ab17_DSCF0003(3).thumb.JPG.a07ea5b21270d268451279ee3b870c6a.JPG


  Fits just fine.




  So a splash of Red Oxide and tomorrow a splash of some colour. Not sure yet what.




 Had a bit of a test and a little problem raised it's head. Pulling the trailer off the concrete yard was no problem. It was when the trailer wheels got onto the gravel drive. The tractors ag rear tyres lost grip and did an impression of a tiller. It was something I kind of expected, but the hitch will do it's job. I'll just have to keep off the drive.

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 It's easier looking in front of you than twisting round in the seat. I need a good view to reverse the trailer into the workshop. I have a rear ball hitch but its too low and close to the tractors rear end for the trailer coupling. OK for the Saxon. I may make an extended one at sometime.

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  The tractor I intended to use as a shunter was the C-125. That's the main worker and won't be going to any shows. Now I made two mistakes when making the hitch.


  (1) I should have left mule drive pulleys on. No real need to remove them really and I wouldn't have had to change them over.


 (2) I used the C-121 when making the hitch and it fitted grand. Unfortunately, when fitted to the C-125, as the bonnet/hood protrudes further to the front than the earlier C series tractors, it was not long enough.


  So a simple mod was made as seen below.




  The turf tyres on the C-125 are much better on the gravel, though can slip a bit with two tractors on the trailer. Once the rear wheels are on the concrete all goes well.

  Being facing forward I can see clearly down the side of the trailer and if I lean over to my right, I can see the trailer wheels under the trailer. When in position there is just 4" 'tween trailer and the articles stored along that side.



    Tractors are loaded ready for a small local shown next Sunday I may attend.

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