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the showman

Bring and Buy sale

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Went to a bring and buy sale this morning organised by a stationary club I belong to, it was a complete waste of time as there was only a handful of people there.

It was held at the Hassocks garden centre so the traditional breakfast was the best part of the visit .

During the time i spent there the London to Brighton veteran car run was on and they trundled past the gate, it was quite cold and they all looked frozen.

Norman asked me to take my camera so here's a photo i took especially for him.


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On 11/6/2017 at 8:08 PM, the showman said:

They are split rims and have a small hub with bearings but no nipples and look a bit flimsy,

i'll see if i can use them when the time comes, it just that they were 4 inch which is what i was after

Just bought some for Half a Horse's trailer. Advert blurb states Maximum load per tyre 300 lb / 136 kg at 30 psi. 16mm ID bearings,  Lots on ebay at various prices,

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Yes, 4 should do Norm.  I'm not that heavy. :fingerscrossed:  Making the trailer with 2 or 4 wheel conversion. Quick change by pulling out a few R clips.  Just something different.:)

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