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Will they be big enough?

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 Been at my mate Dunc's over in Scotland today. Lending a hand to build his carport and workshop.


This is the carport. Room for two cars and will have store room/workshop at the far end.




 This will be his workshop and garage for his tractors, digger etc.






This is a rather steep decent down to the main workshop.



  This is the result of a tractor and loaded trailer, running away from the top of that slope, when the handbrake failed. There was no brush at the corner at the time and tractor and trailer came straight down. It stopped when it hit the digger's bucket which was parked at the bottom. Digger ended up leaning against a tree and only suffered broken widows in the cab door..


 Tractor didn't fare so well.








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7 hours ago, Wristpin said:

Is an insurance company footing the bill?


 I don't know.


10 hours ago, Alan said:

Buildings look nice  :thumbs:   


 They'll look even better when we get the cladding on. Carport is bigger than my workshop and the main workshop is slightly bigger than my bungalow.

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 That's a flooded quarry behind the trees, Jonathan. Supposedly going to be a nature reserve in a couple of years. Though there is still extraction going on in another part.

  They're applying to extend, but it will not effect Dunc.


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  Back over the Border yesterday and today.

  First though a pile of dirt to move from the yard. While Dunc got the tractor and trailer, I drove the digger up to the yard. Never operated a digger since I sold mine about 15yrs ago. 

  1-1/2 loads and the yard was cleared and levelled. Took the digger back down to the soon to be main workshop, then trailer was loaded with boards and taken up to the carport. Third bay was finished by lunch time. Photo' was taken before we started.




After lunch we started on the back gable end. Hopefully get that finished tomorrow and make a start on the other side.


It's a grand way to spend a Bank Holiday weekend.  :D




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  I think it's about 13ft x 32ft, Angus.


  Got the first row of boards on the gable end yesterday, but hit a snag this morning. You fit the boards over length then trim to suit the roof angle. Problem was Dunc's hand held circular saw packed up. I'm taking mine with me tomorrow and we'll finish the gable end cladding.

 While Dunc treated some of the paving flags ready for the builders tomorrow, I took the sag out of the side batons. Then it was down to the field for more boards. 

  We got one section finished on the other side and first row of boards on the middle section. We should have sides and gable end finished tomorrow. Dunc can manage the front gable by himself. The partition at the back for the store room will be done sometime in the near future.

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Last day on Dunc's carport for now. It's now got both sides and cable end clad. Bit of trimming on the gable end and barge board to fit, but Dunc will do that.






  Dunc's C-125 got put to work hauling sand up to the yard, for the men doing the paving between house and yard.






 I can have a rest now till sometime next week. :D

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  We got the other side finished on Bank holiday Monday. I didn't return till last Friday due to the workshop floor being concreted and other jobs at home.

  I went over last Wednesday and found Dunc had done the wall for the store room at the back of the carport and clad the front end. We did fit the barge board to the front and the guttering along both sides.

  Back on Friday and more work on the new workshop. Started the cladding at last. While another man was fixing the boards, I placed them handy for him. Dunc and I fixed the back gable end cross beams. Also brought a tractor trailer load of boards up from the field. Loaded and unloaded by hand.  Only approx. 160. And by the time I'd finished, that's how old I felt. 

  Didn't have my camera, but I'm going over tomorrow all being well and I'll get a photo or two.





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   More done on the workshop today.


  The finished carport. Dunc built the store room wall and fitted the door last week. Guttering down the right hand has to be fitted yet. I thought we'd done it. :rolleyes: Plenty of room for the two Volvos.



  Workshop when I arrived this morning.



  Das, the joiner, soon finished the last bay.P1030480.JPG.0bae3a052f50caf968e81d93d1f355c3.JPG




Dunc and I fitted the side rails while Das, started on the left hand side. Dunc fitting blocks to support the side rails.



 Used the C-125 and trailer to bring up the service door and frame. Which was then fitted. Front rails also fitted.



Dunc fitting the cricket bats. If you saw them before fitting you'd see why they get that name.



 Das fitting the outer cladding boards. He was up and down that ladder all day. Oh to be young.



 And before anyone says what was I doing. I assisted Dunc with the side and end rails and kept Das supplied with boards. Also tided away rubbish.

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  My first job this morning was to sort out the recoil starter on his wacker plate. There was a broken pin inside the mechanism.  To cut a long story short, failed to fix it. Reverted to the good old fashioned way of cord round a pulley and got it going.


Ramp in workshop doorway got wacked down.



Put the guttering up on the right hand side of the carport. BTW. A bat has taken up residence in part of the middle truss. Bat droppings on the floor. Some kind of sheet is going to be fitted below where it roosts. Otherwise Fiona is going to be kept busy.





Final job was some work on the Case tractors hitch. It has a missing pin and still has. We couldn't find anything for a suitable temp' replacement.



 Not bad for a 32 year old tractor.


  Rear gable end of workshop was finished yesterday. Makes the roof seem higher.



 Digger has a nice new cab on now, after being hit by the runaway tractor. It was an insurance job and even came back with an air freshener in. :rolleyes:







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 Bit of a catch up. Since the last post, the workshop at the other property has been emptied along with house etc.


 Back to Dunc's on last Wednesday. Mezzanine floor to erect. Also some shelving to assemble.

Timber for Mezzanine floor being delivered Thursday morning. So shelving was seen too.


 Thursday morning arrived but no timber. We did get the remainder of the racking assembled while waiting for the timber. Most is in position. Timber arrived just after lunch.



 Centre up right in place with box beam installed. After fitting stronger timber along opposite sides to support the floor trusses, the first floor truss was fitted in place. Only another 19 to go. Dunc did make an error when ordering trusses and brackets. Only ordered 20 brackets instead of the 40 we'll need. Hopefully get more brackets tomorrow and get all trusses in place.




The area in the photo' above will be an internal workshop.



Did well to day with the mezzanine floor.

The shortage of brackets, was solved by fitting the floor trusses on the other side, on top of the support beams.



 Doing this had an advantage as it raises the floor, just enough to clear the digger roof if it ever needed to be worked on there.


All brackets and trusses secured over the internal workshop.



 All trusses now in place except for the missing one front left. That will have to be fixed inside the uprights with brackets.



 End of play for now. Floor boards to be ordered. They'd be fitted later sometime next week. Electricians starting Monday.


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  Thanks Alan. Though I find the 2-1/2hrs round trip and an 8hr day a bit tiring, I'm quite enjoying it.


   When I think of it, Tuesday at the farm. Wed' to Fri' at Dunc's. That's been a 4 day week. And I'm retired???:confused:

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3 hours ago, Stormin said:

  Thanks Alan. Though I find the 2-1/2hrs round trip and an 8hr day a bit tiring, I'm quite enjoying it.


   When I think of it, Tuesday at the farm. Wed' to Fri' at Dunc's. That's been a 4 day week. And I'm retired???:confused:

There's no such thing as being retired when you retire Norm.  The closest you get is TIRED as you say.   :)

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