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Yellow Mower Challenge!

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Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but I noticed the high volume of views and that I failed to add a pic of the finished Mower :hide: sorry!.

Here is one I meant to add just after it was finished (along with other Reprobate Refurbs)-




It  looks like I'll be able to pull it's covers off and give it a run soon, so I'll try a Vid a working session.

And just to add more detail to the recorded history of this Mower's life, my friend Roly (son of original owner) recently sent me some pics he found of him using the Mower when he was about 9yrs back in the early sixties-

IMG_0746.JPG.037b131b66949a0d8bb5b18dfacd682d.JPG      IMG_0748.JPG.55f57358f460bc96f453ca39e7741b47.JPG



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On 27/05/2017 at 3:30 PM, Stormin said:

Nice job, Richard. :thumbs: I assume Roly's brother hadn't a lot of faith in Roly's driving skills. :D

Thanks Norm. i have a reason for delayed reply and final post on this Topic.

I have to admit that I got Roly's location in the picture wrong. He's the Scallywag up in the Tree. His elder brother is with the Mower. 


On 27/05/2017 at 4:43 PM, Alan said:

Looks brilliant Richard. :thumbs:  And the tractors. :)

Thank you Alan. Respect :bow:.

Well. After long deliberation and some mild recent arm twisting, I have decided to part company with this Lovely machine and it now resides in the hands of the Curator/Museum of the South Downs Heritage Centre (3 miles away from where I was born).

The original owner and family are more than happy to hear that it's gone to the new home for many to view 'In the Tin' so to speak. Thanks to all for the motivation/compliments to finish this one.  So I close this off with an image of it in it's prime location-


 I'm told there is still more work on the information material to finish the display, but it certainly look's at home there.


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Sorry for the resurrection of this one, but thought those who watch Gardener's World (BBC uk) may see this mower (briefly) on this Friday's programme

It's included in Clive Gravett's (of the Budding Foundation Museum of Gardening) 2nd instalment on the programme covering the history of the mower.

It is also in the Atco Centenary Video on their website:- LINK  within the 1950s period. So at least it's still earning it's keep with the Charity.





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