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  1. MK12 Villiers

    I kinda guessed it might take time to get through what with 'Grenfell Towers' and the exploding fridge freezer.......
  2. MK12 Villiers

    The fridge/freezer is still buggered! Hotpoint wont come out until 13th July! It's only 4 1/2 years old and still has parts warranty on it! They also want £175 to come look at the bloody thing with 'free' parts! And only warranty the work for 90 days. Or I can pay them the princely sum of £246 to come and fix it with a years warranty! To say I'm not impressed is a big understatement!!! Oh and it took almost 4 hours to get through to them as well!!! Hence why I remained quiet until you poked me lol!!!
  3. MK12 Villiers

    More messing around with this project today..... Had some 6mm plywood lying around, thought i'd make a 'battery box' to go with the exhibit....... Only had to buy the hinges, catch and 15x18mm timber..... Even the battery is a 'freebie'
  4. MK12 Villiers

  5. MK12 Villiers

    Thanks Chris! New bits arrived at 10.30 this morning....... The list of 'to do's' was.... 1.Hone bore. 2.Scrape ring grooves. 3.Fit new rings. 4.Refit piston. 5.Refit oil dipper/conrod end cap. 6.Make new sump gasket. 7.Refit sump. 8.Refit cylinder head. 9.Refit air shroud and tank. 10.Bolt engine back onto trolley. 11.Add oil and fuel. 12.Refit belt and tension. 13.Start.......... All done by 12 noon! 😁 Am very pleased to say it started 1st pull and NO more smoke from the breather! Here's a short video and a piccie of an old ring(silver ring)against a new(black)....
  6. MK12 Villiers

    You may have noticed in the videos that the Villiers is smoking from the breather......? I was suspicious of the condition of the piston rings? The restoration was purely a cursory check of the bore and that the rings weren't broken. Everything else seemed fine, no excessive play elseshere........ Well, initial checks to see if i'd overfilled the oil or put the wrong stuff in proved I hadn't, so yesterday I decided to investigate things a bit further...... I pulled the shroud and cylinder head off and found oil on the piston crown and inside cylinder head. The plug was also black and oily! Rings it is then..... After stripping the sump and removing the oil dipper/end cap, I removed the piston to get to the rings. Once the rings were removed I compared them with some +20 I have spare? I'm pretty sure +40 rings should be bigger than +20s??? These weren't...... Either someone has put standard rings on the +40 piston or these rings are worn excessively? I checked one in the bore too and it was so loose, it doesn't even close the gap!!! New rings ordered, should be here today!
  7. MK12 Villiers

    Cured the belt whip with a salvaged tensioner from a Daewoo Matiz! (I don't own one, just asked my mechanic friend if he had any old ones) I looked at several from different cars, most were way too big. But this one proved perfect once I had made a bracket to mount it on...... Also tidied up the wiring and fitted the 'no charge' light in the panel.
  8. MK12 Villiers

    Bars fitted........
  9. MK12 Villiers

    Me too Norm!
  10. MK12 Villiers

    A quick 'trial fit' this evening....... I think they'll do??? (Ignore my sons choice of attire...... was just before I took him to football) Ordered these few bits, ammeter, switch and charge/warning lamp, all for under a tenner! Will be mounted in the flat panel.........
  11. MK12 Villiers

    Welded the handlebars together this morning, then primed and painted them. The paint dried totally in about 30 minutes in the sunshine, so I fitted the grips!
  12. MK12 Villiers

  13. MK12 Villiers

    Like your tattoo, but not sure about your choice of footwear and trousers. The wife has her uses sometimes! Even if it was just add a little weight to stop the bounce!!! Lol😂😂😂😂
  14. MK12 Villiers

    Was a little concerned about hot exhaust gases being directed onto the plastic of the voltage regulator..... So the simple fix was to drill 2 new holes in the exhaust flange and rotate it by about 20°........ My next task was to 'tinker' with the wiring part of this project....... I am pleased to say that it all works! I will probably change to a larger pulley on the engine to improve alternator speed slightly..... but it charges my car battery very well at 14.20 volts on a little more than tickover!😁😁😁 Whilst running the overall trolley is heavier engine end, leading it to bounce a little alternator end. A solution could be to add some weight? The idea I had was to make some handlebars from 3/4 steel tubing...... with a central support brace and a plate to mount a 'charge' light and switch...... Here is the bars cut, bent and ready for welding tomorrow.
  15. MK12 Villiers

    Now have something for it to drive! A Lucas A127 alternator, 70amp version. Made the brackets and adjuster today and fitted it all on to the trolley. Next job will be to paint the brackets and reassemble for the final time. I will then sort the wiring, get a leisure battery and some LED lights!