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  1. Decided to have a go at fitting the large plough wheels and the plough...... I have to say its flippin heavy, lifting the machine onto the offset ploughing axle! It's quite a beast once assembled!!!
  2. Fitted the Rotavator too, here's the pictures...... and took it for a drive....... https://youtu.be/kyUjDB3ISJ8
  3. Today was my 1st full day on the reassembly, and I was able to get lots of little jobs done. The pulley on the scythe mower was not a good fit to the rotary shaft and had a small wobble. I made a sleeve from some steel tube, slotted it to allow it to clamp tight. Drilled a hole for the clamp bolt and refitted pulley. Pleased to say the 'fix' worked. Next on the list was to measure for a chain to drive the Rotavator attachment and fit it. Also needed to replace a grub screw on the engine pulley which was chewed up before restoration...... Fitted the tool frame and Hoes 2 days ago, here's the picture of that......
  4. Love my ST, its the derv 2.2 powered version...... 40+ mpg driven like a loon, almost 60 on a run! But it seems to have a love affair with my £££'s tho...... Clutch, flywheel, rear suspension, crank pulleys and idlers, oh and tyres too!
  5. Fitted the scythe mower again today to measure up for a belt....... Just what is the correct way to work out how long a belt is required???? Well, I just cut a length of string, went around the pulleys until it met up and marked the overlap....... So at least I now know how long a piece of string is! Lol!!! Here's the belt fitted and the patented toe nail clipper, I mean scythe mower in action!
  6. Thanks guys! Yes, I am very pleased with it, and of course my neighbours love it! Why wouldn't they? Considering I fix most of their garden stuff too......... they don't have a choice! Lol!!! It's a private road Nigel, residents only........ Can't have any old 'riff raff' hanging about????
  7. The big moment of truth! Will it all work ok? Course it will! Started 1st pull, drive engages smoothly and no leaks or noises from the gearbox. Here's a short video for you......
  8. Getting closer to being ready to start and drive this one now! Just a few more small jobs left to do, then it will be ironing out any bugs!
  9. Not likely Norm! That dirty 4 letter word begining with 'W' and ending in 'K' gets in the way!!!
  10. Todays little job was to reassemble the gearbox....... The sprockets, shafts and chains went back where they should be and it all works nicely!
  11. Not really made much progress with this as I was waiting for the gearbox to have new bushes and a new shaft made. Am pleased to say its all back and has my full attention to get it finished and ready for Tractor World at Newbury...... The new bigger tyres mean the engine requires lifting to give clearance. To enable the lift I had to chain drill and enlarge some holes in the cast backplate. Hopefully, this will be the only modification required? Here's the backplate being modified....... The gearbox case being primed and painted.......
  12. Tas tanaka

    That looks very much like an Ohlsson Rice engine???
  13. MK12 Villiers

    I kinda guessed it might take time to get through what with 'Grenfell Towers' and the exploding fridge freezer.......
  14. MK12 Villiers

    The fridge/freezer is still buggered! Hotpoint wont come out until 13th July! It's only 4 1/2 years old and still has parts warranty on it! They also want £175 to come look at the bloody thing with 'free' parts! And only warranty the work for 90 days. Or I can pay them the princely sum of £246 to come and fix it with a years warranty! To say I'm not impressed is a big understatement!!! Oh and it took almost 4 hours to get through to them as well!!! Hence why I remained quiet until you poked me lol!!!
  15. MK12 Villiers

    More messing around with this project today..... Had some 6mm plywood lying around, thought i'd make a 'battery box' to go with the exhibit....... Only had to buy the hinges, catch and 15x18mm timber..... Even the battery is a 'freebie'
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