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  1. 1966 Bolens 850

    I’ve just put Carlisle super lugs on the rear of the horse and Duro on the front . I expect it will set me back a little but will be worth it 👍
  2. A Day Dosing

    Well if it’s still about in September once tractorfest is out of the way and the penny pot starts to fill I’ll give you a shout 👍
  3. 1966 Bolens 850

    I’ll keep my eyes open for a new or used exhaust . Tears have split unfortunately so I think it will be a set of 4 . Im umdec on leave as is or paint 🤔
  4. 1966 Bolens 850

    Does it have the wrong air filter/carb set up on it ?
  5. 1966 Bolens 850

    Today I collected a 1966 Bolens 850 after a 20yr rest . The engine is free body and frame are not in bad shape but the square tyres will all need to be replaced . It’s certainly very different to my wheel horse I’m looking forward to putting life back into it .
  6. Wheel horse 227-5

    Well my daughter wants to join me at the shows and be more involved so I her grandad treated her to this . It’s an 1988 227-5 with the Kawasaki 540 engine . It’s been parked up in a barn for 3 years . Fresh petrol and a jump start and she runs fairly well . It will be a three way project between me,grandad and my daughter. FECC9D44-CEAE-47AD-A90E-6B8FA2453D25.MOV
  7. Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    It’s the brightest red the powder coaters do and they call it Poppy Red .
  8. Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    I’m hoping once I’ve got it back together and accumulated a few pennies I can get a deck and some other attachments so as I can work it a bit . Thank you I’m still spotting things now it’s going together that I’m going to change after the show ready for next seasons shows .
  9. Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    Thanks Alan 👍
  10. Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    A bit more done .
  11. Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    I’ve had 127 photos printed off that I took durin strip down so I’m hoping that helps . I’ve got 3 more bits waiting to be painted but I’m going to assemble as much as I can .
  12. Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    Bit more done as I’ve just got a load of parts back from the blasters/powder coaters. Also the rear tyres turned up Carlisle 23x10.50-12 .
  13. WH 512D arrived

    Looking good 👍 it’s been kept well looking at the pics .
  14. BOLENS parts and service bulletin manual

    Does this cover the husky 850 ?
  15. Wheelhorse toolbar/rake

    Thank you for the input guys I may have a look at extending the hitch bar as it’s a cool looking little thing to put behind once using the gang mowers .
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