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  1. Steering help please

    Many thanks for the advice and help . The cobalt bits are now my new best friend. The new collar is on its way 👍 tonight when I get in from work I’ll put it in the chest freezer I turned on last night . I’ve ordered the graphite penetrating oil as I was using wd40 . All of the pin is now successfully drilled it was the pin with a bolt bashed into it to spread it out 😡 once I’ve tried the freezing I’ll also try a little heat from the oxy/acetylene. I’ll keep you updated on progress.
  2. Battle of the Standard Vintage Gathering

    Great pictures looks like a great turn out 👍
  3. Steering help please

    I think I’ve got all of the pin drilled out (cobalt bits are my new best friend) my next question is I can’t get it to separate. The plastic moulding I’m pointing to with the screwdriver am I ok to take that back until I can see the top of the shaft and use a drift to get it moving ? Or will this knacker the steering wheel?
  4. Steering help please

    Got a bit more in depth with it today and the roll pin and collar grub screw . The roll pin is solid but I’ll drill it to save damaging the steering wheel . The collar is 100% a sheared bolt as the grub screw must have been lost . Does anyone have a spare collar the want to sell ? Then I can just cut this one off .
  5. Steering help please

    The Allen key bolt does that go through the shaft or just pinch it ? I’m going to have to drill it out as it has no head on it .
  6. Steering help please

    I’ll get a picture of the top tomorrow it looks like a rusty bolt that’s had the head sheared off . The collar pictured don’t have an all key for it it’s flat as if it had a bolt head on it at some stage . It’s annoying as it’s the only thing at the moment stopping me getting it all to the blasters .
  7. Steering help please

    Can anyone tell me does the steering split at this joint or how to get the steering shaft out . I’m hoping it’s not the removal of the steering wheel as that’s not possible 😟 should this be a bolt ?
  8. Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    It’s not too bad at all I’m happy with it 👍
  9. Well today I’ve started the strip down of the 512 I’ve found a few small problems that I didn’t know about but they are nothing to serious. Headlights and wiring needs more than just connecting, bottom of the bonnet needs tlc the gearbox bolts that support the rear of the bodywork are stripped in the casing with one being snapped. That’s about it at the moment. Next step is to get it all sand blasted to see what the metals like and get off the several coats of brushed on paint .
  10. Cutter deck help

    Thank you for your help
  11. Cutter deck help

    Evening all can someone tell me if this will be a straight fit to my horse please .
  12. Model T Ford , go cart

    Very nice indeed looks fantastic 👍
  13. 5 gang mower

    There was a lot of interest in the horse once they were fitted. I’m looking forward to repairing the other two and repainting them . I was thinking of doing the frame and weights wheel Horse red . What do You think?
  14. 5 gang mower

    They are Britannia Norman . Not had a chance to look them up yet but started stripping them down to refurb them . Very much so 😂
  15. 5 gang mower

    This weekend has been spent at Merton Vintage Fair and a good first show for myself and the horse . I managed to find a well used but very serviceable 5 gang mower set in the auction and was lucky enough to grab a bargain . Two need a spot of welding but nothing to bad . The other three towed like a dream . 848986F2-7926-432F-B003-5F019238375E.MOV
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